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    We are producing a small limited quantity of Titanium Front Rails for bipod and accessory mounting. The Titanium rails will be exactly the same as our current models with the steel internal nut plate and will be available either with or without the QD Stud. See our description of the steel models here - Sadlak Front Rails

    This is a LIMITED Production run of approximately 100 pcs and when they are gone, they are gone. We are not planning to add them to our standard product line but since we are in production on Titanium Mounts, we are able to use the excess material for these rails. The Titanium front rails will have the same tungstun diamondlike coating as our titanium mounts and will be ready in approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

    The price is as follows:

    Front Rail with QD Stud (for Harris style Quick Disconnect Bipod) $130

    Front Rail without stud $120

    I expect these to sell out fairly quickly so if you are interested, let us know so you can get on the list.

    860-742-0227 Ext 14

    or PM me here on SurvivalMonkey
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