Star Trek Finally Jumping the Shark?

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    I didn't much like the movies mostly because I don't like these concepts of, "reboot." If they had used the same movies, with actors, script and just change the setting I would have been ok with them. Call the characters different names, make the ship not, "The Enterprise." Put it in a different time. Heck, put it in an alternate universe. Don't try to rewrite the universe's history which already has more than a half dozen movies and almost as many series. It's just weak.

    It's like how Peter Jackson murdered The Hobbit with idiotic things like flying monkeys from Oz, and war pigs and battle sheep or goats or whatever they were supposed to be and how the plot was...just not Tolkien's. Change too much from the original and it's not the same thing. It's like a recipe where you've substituted 2/3 of the ingredients. It stops being the real thing

    Years ago I had dinner at someone's house who announced that there were brownies for desert. There were a few substitutions. Carob in place of chocolate. Millet in place of flour. olive oil in place of eggs and sugar simply omitted. Those were not, "brownies."
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    I can definitely see your point, there are some pretty bad remakes out there. I got a really good feeling when watching the new Star Trek movies and maybe it's because I've never liked Shatner. It's all supposed to take place before the events in the television series anyway, and there's no way an old Shatner is going to be useful, so I think the new Star Trek movies have their place and they've earned it, too. I like how as technology improves, we occasionally get to see an exciting new, modern version of the final frontier.
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