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Discussion in 'Politics' started by ghrit, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Here are my notes, mostly without comment.

    POTUS is required to present a report according to this Article.

    He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient. ”
    Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution

    At the bottom of all reports by companies for stockholders, there is a disclaimer to the effect that “some statements in this report are forward looking and do not represent promises of success.” (Or something like that, anyway.) Along with the forward looking statements, there is a financial report that presents the real picture of the condition the company’s health.

    So what did we get? A history lesson to start, telling us how good it was and how good we were. Then we got the obvious statements to the effect of how we are going to have to sacrifice to make America a good place to do business, and how we are going to do it. (Forward looking ---)

    We also got cheerleading, very typical social organizing to go forward. And a discussion on what he is going to propose toward going green with loans to start and expand green industrial actions, actual funding by the gov’t. Forecasts of when all this WILL happen, and how taking money from the oil companies to accomplish this. He kept calling such dot gov largess as “investments.” (Forward looking again, but no source of money for the “investments.” This is not how I (at least) understand investing where a return is expected. (More forward looking, wishful thinking, with no how it’ll get done --)

    He did mention that parents have to start monitoring kids in and out of school, and the schools themselves. And pushed for education reform. Good, that. But still no how, leaving that to the local governments. Emphasized that good teachers do not get the respect that they deserve. No mention of how to rid the systems of the dead weight. And once again, dribbled some funding, but by no means enough to do the job. Wonder where the difference is coming from?

    And then, undocumented (and documented) students, and the fact that we are educating them and sending them “home” to compete with us. Retention is on his radar.

    And our infrastructure used to be the best. Another “investment” scheme or wish requiring money from the gov’t if business can’t do it on their own.

    Knock down tax barriers to business expansion. That is, revise the tax code and simplify things. He thinks that can be done without increasing the deficit. So maybe it can if he does away with some other “investments.”

    To review regulations that are barriers to business expansion. A good thing, methinks, identification results in elimination.

    And more rules on the banks to prevent exploitation. Hm.

    Healthcare got recognition as needing improvements. The door is NOT open to repeal, but is to amendments.

    Then came speechification on the debt. Intends to cut domestic spending at the federal level. (If congress will let him.) Freezing domestic spending for 5 years (he says) will reduce the debt over 10 years. Interesting, he also said that gov’t should live within its income. Concept is good ---. Loopholes, malpractice limitations will go under the knife. Closed the door on privatization of SS.

    He wants to simplify gov’t organization, get rid of duplicated authority. Gov’t reduction and reorganization.

    And again, transparency. Where’s the money going? Pork reduction, maybe---. Earmarks will be vetoed.

    Says that US prestige and honor has been restored around the world. He should read the foreign press.

    Acknowledged muslims as part of the fabric of US culture. Still gonna smack down al khaida and the Taliban.

    World wide arms reduction is coming, both as a money saving effort and (allegedly) the weapons are no longer needed because of peace breaking out all over under US leadership of a coalition.

    And yet, he promises the military more support. Two Generals in the front row sat thru the standing ovation when he mentioned DADT with their hands in their laps.

    NOWHERE was there a financial presentation to show where we are. The whole thing was cheerleading and forward looking statements.

    Pelosi knew when the camera was on her. Botox grin. At least we were not treated to one of her jackinthebox tricks.
  2. CoverBuster

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    Talking about seeing factorys closed , stores closed on main street . OK so wheres the news ?? This guys behind the times by 20 years .
  3. Wild Trapper

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    Must be more doom for the dollar, look at PMs going up. Just saying, I ain't watchin, - weak stomach.
  4. Cathail

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    What's this? He's advocating tort reform? Finally a measure that will bring down health care costs...
  5. Cathail

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    Unfortunately, though, mostly liberal blather that means nothing. I'm really tired of listening to him.
  6. Brokor

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    If voting actually worked it would be made illegal.
  7. Cathail

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    I'm looking forward to what Paul and Michele have to say...

    Hope springs eternal in the breasts of fools.
  8. BTPost

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    Anyone hear " KumbaYa " playing in the background? and the rest was ALGORE style Global Warming.... (Hot Air)...
  9. franks71vw

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    I fell Asleep [peep]
  10. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    More Communist rhetoric.
  11. ghrit

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    Ya know, some of what he said is not so bad. Given that it was all forward looking, and promising, I'll still wait and see if the performance matches the wishes. He sure has pulled back from his ram it to us stance he had three years ago; now, it's "can't we all just get along?" (But it won't stop me from prepping. I don't think the promises will hold up in the face of the leeches in Congress.)

    I never stop wondering when the SOTU will reflect the actual state rather than what the plan for the future is. Where's the balance sheet?

    I guess, were it up to me, the tradition of speech presentation would go away, and go back to a written report as was done early on in the life of the Republic. These speeches are nothing worth having, the details are left to imagination. Were the report written, the speech would be nothing but an executive summary cover on the real report.
  12. fireplaceguy

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    Me too!
  13. fireplaceguy

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    Bottom line is I saw no accountability on either side for the mess they've put us in. To the extent Obammy said anything, he indicated we should leave the sh*t they passed last year in place and do something else.

    When a president stands up there and says "the state of the union is dire. We've been spending money we don't have, for decades, and I've been the worst culprit of all. We're in danger of economic collapse, and we're in a national emergency...." then we'll know we've finally heard the truth. (Don't hold your breath.)

    You get the idea, and we all know that we're in that that much danger right now. Yet, all we get is BS, from all sides.

    Back when men were men, the Captain of the Titanic didn't try to bluff the water.
  14. Dawg-fan-in-TN

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    Whole lot of truth to that!
  15. Seawolf1090

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    If I want to watch two-dimensional cartoon characters acting foolish, I prefer "Family Guy" and "The Simpsons"..... they are done to a more adult audience...... [stirpot]
  16. Brokor

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    You have been watching too much television, old man. [monkeyeating]
  17. ghrit

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    And you've been entirely too consumed by conspiracy theories. Read my post again, and tell me how it reflects a willingness to accept BOHICA.
  18. Nadja

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    Nothing but lies to get his rateings up. He wants both sides to work together ? Like in the last couple of years when he wouldn't even talk to us repubs ? Yea right. If any of you believe that, I will sell you my acrage here in Arizona, and you can have the beach too.
    BS non-stop BS

    If I were in Bainers shoes for just one day, the first thing I would do would be to stop the tax payer funding for his wifes 21 hand maidens. She didn't get elected to anything and therefore should not be funded by us. That would be a message even O Dense one would get.
  19. Brokor

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    Riiight. [stirpot]
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