Sub-Caliber Device .45LC/.410shot

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    Any thoughts on these devices? They also have a .22 device.
    Kennesaw Cannon Company, LLC. - Sub-Caliber Device .45LC/.410shot

    BATF Approved! Click on the BATF letter below.
    Don't be caught defenseless.
    The Sub-Caliber Device is perfect for boaters, campers or hikers. Our device simply slides into your 26.5mm flare gun to allow you to fire .45 Long Colt or .410 Shotgun Shells. The rifled steel barrel is encased in a lightweight corrosion resistant adaptor adding minimal additional weight. This is the ultimate gear for your survival kit.
    Length: 4"
    Weight: .10 lbs
    Fits in 26.5mm Flare Guns

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