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Supreme Court Supports Monsanto in Seed-Replication Case

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by Yard Dart, May 13, 2013.

  1. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

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  2. kckndrgn

    kckndrgn Monkey+++ Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    not surprised at the ruling. Monsanto owns much of the government.
  3. Harbin

    Harbin Monkey+

    Total crap. They have our.gov bought and paid for. Disgusting. I even write my senators and reps about this. Got back total bs standard replies thanking me for writing them.
  4. Mindgrinder

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    March Against Monsanto: Events

    Country State/Province City Facebook Event; RSVP
    Australia New South Wales Sydney http://on.fb.me/XRruV6
    Australia New South Wales Bellingen http://on.fb.me/12WDEh9
    Australia Queensland Redcliffe http://on.fb.me/10fhR5C
    Australia Queensland Brisbane http://on.fb.me/12HdWjh
    Australia South Australia Adelaide http://on.fb.me/125kFCy
    Australia Tasmania Hobart http://on.fb.me/ZwEjox
    Australia Victoria Melbourne http://on.fb.me/17FMbKS
    Australia Western Australia Perth http://on.fb.me/14v5xno
    Austria Vienna Vienna/Wien http://on.fb.me/12gFdIp
    Belgium Belgium Antwerp http://on.fb.me/Z5ebE1
    Belgium Belgium Brussels http://on.fb.me/12CvBeT
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    Bulgaria Sofia Sofia http://on.fb.me/17JSg8i
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    Canada Ontario Ottawa http://on.fb.me/XvHqSb
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    Canada Québec Montréal http://on.fb.me/127E9X8
    Canada Saskatchewan Regina http://on.fb.me/14C0Xn0
    Canada Newfoundland St. John’s http://on.fb.me/15WjScJ
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    United States New Jersey Atlantic City http://on.fb.me/1190mVN
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    United States New York Long Island http://on.fb.me/17bFJwE
    United States New York Montauk http://on.fb.me/169DDNp
    United States New York New Paltz http://on.fb.me/15kWK6S
    United States New York New York City http://on.fb.me/ZvzXfW
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    United States South Carolina Beaufort http://on.fb.me/10lj8ZZ
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    United States Ohio Maumee http://on.fb.me/Z6uVxr
    United States Ohio Salem http://on.fb.me/12mBgU3
    United States Oklahoma Oklahoma City http://on.fb.me/16cwiIm
    United States Oklahoma Tulsa http://on.fb.me/17FNc5M
    United States Oregon Coos Bay http://on.fb.me/YUGxO3
    United States Oregon Eugene http://on.fb.me/10N8737
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    United States Oregon Medford http://on.fb.me/YUb2qE
    United States Oregon Portland http://on.fb.me/X77L6R
    United States Oregon Prineville http://on.fb.me/11D4ytL
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    United States Pennsylvania Harrisburg http://on.fb.me/YMxxh4
    United States Pennsylvania Lancaster http://on.fb.me/YBeG9e
    United States Pennsylvania Philadelphia http://on.fb.me/YUIA4T
    United States Pennsylvania Pittsburgh http://on.fb.me/123Nl2w
    United States Pennsylvania West Chester http://on.fb.me/13zot3p
    United States Rhode Island Providence http://on.fb.me/ZhGv97
    United States South Carolina Anderson http://on.fb.me/10ymSnV
    United States South Carolina Charleston http://on.fb.me/123Kuqu
    United States South Carolina Columbia http://on.fb.me/119FaPt
    United States South Carolina Greenville http://on.fb.me/10n85NX
    United States South Carolina Myrtle Beach http://on.fb.me/10MKKqq
    United States Tennessee Chatanooga http://on.fb.me/ZwCub5
    United States Tennessee Cookeville http://on.fb.me/12jvpya
    United States Tennessee Knoxville http://on.fb.me/177SQx3
    United States Tennessee McMinnville http://on.fb.me/Y1ogTA
    United States Tennessee Memphis http://on.fb.me/X76QmL
    United States Tennessee Nashville http://on.fb.me/YUHN3G
    United States Tennessee/Virginia Tri-Cities http://on.fb.me/YA40Yl
    United States Texas Austin http://on.fb.me/10qtlR9
    United States Texas Belton http://on.fb.me/13JF596
    United States Texas Corpus Christi http://on.fb.me/YMxjqk
    United States Texas Dallas http://on.fb.me/YWmFQw
    United States Texas El Paso http://on.fb.me/10MZ6p1
    United States Texas Fort Worth http://on.fb.me/177Szu0
    United States Texas Houston http://on.fb.me/Z9EXv8
    United States Texas Pasadena http://on.fb.me/YWp0uU
    United States Texas San Antonio http://on.fb.me/12dnMMB
    United States Utah Cedar City http://on.fb.me/YumyWC
    United States Utah Salt Lake City http://on.fb.me/1194Rjn
    United States Utah St. George http://on.fb.me/ZZwNS7
    United States Vermont Montpelier http://on.fb.me/YMy6HI
    United States Virginia New River http://on.fb.me/Yui5mM
    United States Virginia Richmond http://on.fb.me/YUIOcb
    United States Virginia Virginia Beach http://on.fb.me/ZTOg1E
    United States Washington Aberdeen http://on.fb.me/177RthW
    United States Washington Bremerton http://on.fb.me/14H5cgv
    United States Washington Colville http://on.fb.me/18dgZmx
    United States Washington Longview http://on.fb.me/15AVht7
    United States Washington Olympia http://on.fb.me/10qvwUP
    United States Washington Seattle http://on.fb.me/14q7eRB
    United States Washington South Bend http://on.fb.me/YM9GyC
    United States Washington Spokane http://on.fb.me/10YeY8m
    United States Washington Spokane http://on.fb.me/14uZHlX
    United States Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. http://on.fb.me/10nb7Si
    United States West Virginia Charleston http://on.fb.me/X764X5
    United States Wisconsin Appleton http://on.fb.me/10n6YO5
    United States Wisconsin Eau Claire http://on.fb.me/17chWv0
    United States Wisconsin Fond Du Lac http://on.fb.me/Z9e7jB
    United States Wisconsin Green Bay http://on.fb.me/Z9eESC
    United States Wisconsin Madison http://on.fb.me/XRq6Sz
    United States Wisconsin Milwaukee http://on.fb.me/YUHqGB
    United States Wisconsin St. Croix Falls http://on.fb.me/15kMQlA
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    Chicks dig it...



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  8. VHestin

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    I was thinking of moving to Missouri until I found out that's where Monsanto is HQ'd.
  9. kellory

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    shouldn't that be pronounced "misery" ?;)
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