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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by randieser, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. randieser

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    Hey guys! I found a book about survival medicine that I think everyone should have. It is downloadable here: bit(DOT)##/1mVpKvl


    I've edited the link in the hopes that it won't work. Please post an extract to assist in vetting the document.
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  2. Silversnake

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  3. Snake_Doctor

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    Good job. It doesn't work. Why would you not want it to work?
  4. BTPost

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    The Moderators edited the URL, to make it NOT work, until we know MUCH MORE about the Link. Like is it SPAMM, or is it a Trojan, Virus, or Malware, in disguise. This is a Newbie, with his FIRST Post. So, We are VERY Careful about what we ALLOW, until the Newbie is KNOW, and We KNOW, that the URL is NOT Malicious... or a Sales Pitch for Ladies USED Underware...[gasmask].. ....
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  5. Snake_Doctor

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    Ahhhh. I understand. No need to use caps BT. I ain't that dumb despite my Southern roots. Good move then, I appreciate the protection. So is it viable or is it Spam?
  6. BTPost

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    He hasn't returned, with a excerpt of what the URL is about.... so likely it is Spamm, but we will not do anything about it until he either comes back, or a week, or so goes by. If he doesn't reappear, likely he will just be Banned, and thew Post Deleted.....
  7. Snake_Doctor

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    Is there a safe way to test it? I have Norton so I assume some of you have even better anti-virals? In fact I had a computer question/problem but not sure if it'sappropriate for this forum.
  8. BTPost

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    Can't test what we do not have....
  9. ghrit

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    As it happens, I tested it by copy paste from the original after I jiggered the URL. It didn't work anyway, not from the first post, nor from the post in the shoutbox. I figured that if it took this machine down, the rest would still be ok. The poster is from Iceland; we've had other Icelanders that were and remain as clean as a hound's tooth, and I thought the risk was low. Seems like it was a safe way to go, now, after the fact. Snake, we do test these things, and at risk often enough.

    You can post a 'puter question in the technical subforum. Technical
  10. Snake_Doctor

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    Thanks for watching out for us. I had a virus a few weeks ago from downloading one pic from the internet. Thanks for the tech link.
  11. Snake_Doctor

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    I guess G and BT were right to suspect this poster.
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