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Discussion in 'Politics' started by -06, Jul 13, 2011.

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    A church member made the statement to a friend that nobammy was his hero and that he liked the way he was running the country. A friend cautioned me to curb my opinions in my Es to him--this is my response:
    Sis, I cannot be quiet about seeing my country being run into the sewer. If it offends someone then so be it. I have to “watch my tongue” as a SS teacher but that is as far as it goes. As a citizen, Marine, and patriot I owe an allegiance to our nation. We have been given a wonderful country and seeing it betrayed by a muslim socialist just really bothers me. “Politics” has gone beyond just padding billfolds to outright robbery. George Soros donated 20 million dollars to get his puppet elected and got “paid” when nobammy “loaned” his Brazilian oil company TWO BILLION. The media let this slide because Soros has substantial stock holdings in most media sources. We are being betrayed by those who have been elected to protect our nation. If I seem angered by this political situation then you are perceptive because I am. Those who still hold him as “hero” are seriously ignorant of what is going on and has been going on. Our country is in trouble and unless we vote that crowd out we will be a third world country within ten years. Our great nation with it’s rich history of heroism and sacrifices deserve better.
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    Excellent response.
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    Sad thing is, when these Libtard idiots are all sitting around the drum fire for warmth, having lost their homes, and eating at the local soup kitchen, many will still adore obummer and continue to blame prior administrations for The Liberal Messiah's doings......

    Rampant Liberalism is a mental disorder......
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    You are much more polite than I am when it comes to issues like this.
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    Took me several years to "convert" my Bostonian buddy. Now he and his wife are the county party supervisors(Repub), CCP's, 4X4 and Gator owners, and are working steadily on their preps and preparations. Hopefully this friend will see what nobammy is doing before casting another ballot. My intentions are to talk at length with him about what is going on w/o forcing an issue. He is a good man and well worth "salvaging". Just hope I am up to the task w/o losing my patience/cool. What I want to say would insult, malign, and anger him--hope it doesn't get said.
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