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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Blackjack, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Blackjack

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    When it comes to pistols, I've always been a revolver guy, but now that I've seen more of, and shot a 1911 (Kimber), I'm considering modernizing. Trouble is that I'll have to save quite a while for an over 1k$ pistol. Can anybody personally recommend any cheaper brands that are ULTRA reliable?

    Seacowboys, I noticed in another post that you had a Norinco you were fond of. Ever had any problems jamming?
  2. Seacowboys

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    I have had absolutely no problems with the Norinco; it's made of good quality metal and the slide to frame fit is good. I used it to build my favorite match pistol. I also have a RIA that got the same custom treatment and solved all the problems of messy trigger by installing a Chip McCormick trigger and sear, the jamming problem you mentioned was a simple matter of polishing the feed ramp. I own a Kimber TLE Pro and I am very dissappointed with it. It fails to extract at least once with every magazine (bad design external extractor?). I have written Kimber about it twice and haven't even recieved a response. IMHO, it is highly over-rated and priced.
  3. E.L.

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    My B-I-L has a couple of hundred rounds through his RIA and he loves it. Not bad for a pistol that cost $330. While they shoot really well, I am still carrying my Les Baer. ;)
  4. KHAN

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    You can get a Rock Island Armory 1911 clone for as low as $350. They are made in the Phillipines on US equipment. Everyone I know that has them loves them. Most put Pachmayer grips on them, further enhancing them. That's about the least expensive 1911 clone that is any good that I can think of.
  5. BigO01

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    Blackjack try going to and reading through the forums section on Armscor/RIA/Charles Daly/SAM this one in particular .

    On that forum not only is the the guy in charge of sales in the US a regular contributor but the President of Armscor has began stopping by , read the first post on page two of that thread , in it the President of the com[any makes it very clear that he/they will stand behind their products 100% with a Lifetime warranty .

    Let me give you a couple of links to Armscor weapons that are for sale on so you can compare prices of different models . The Basic weapon is a Milspec with a parked finish and will be the first link .

    This next one is a blued Armscor with extended safety and slide release , beavertail grip safety and flared and lowered ejection port , it also has factory Novak type sights on it

    Same as above but in Stainless

    A HiCap model in 40 S&W caliber

    If you want to look at all of the Armscor made pistols at GB go there and select semiauto pistols and then do seaches for the following words .

    Armscor , Rock , Charles Daly , and High Standard all of these weapons are made at the Armscor plant in the Philipines .

    Another one you may want to consider are the S.A.M.'s it stands for SHOOTERS ARMS MANUFACTURING , I have examined a couple of their guns and they seem as well made as the Armscors , I have not shot them however and at the moment I don't think they offer a warranty repair station in the United states .

    Good luck
  6. ghostrider

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    Since we're examining all the alternatives, I like the Springfield GIs for the sights, and can usually be had for around $450-500. The WWII runs a little less, has the original 1911A1 type sights. Sometimes you can find a gently used Springfield Loaded or a Colt Series 80 for the same amount of money.
  7. Valkman

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    Norincos used to be THE frame to build on - my Bullseye gun is a Norinco that cost $299 way back when. I don't hear much about them anymore, probably because buying guns made by the Chinese gov't is verboten and you can't buy them for what you used to.

    If you have to go cheap I'd go XD-45.
  8. Cephus

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    I have two sons that have the RIA and very pleased with them !!!
    One plans on taking his back to the samdbox with next deploment !!!
  9. Blackjack

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    Wow, thanks for all the info and links.

    $300 or so is in my range, at least a lot more so than the aforementioned 1000 plus.

    Looks like I got some researchin to do.
  10. E.L.

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    Personally I like the RIA, and you can't beat the warranty either.
    armscor smaller.JPG
  11. magnus392

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    I am a Springfield guy, but I am thinking about getting a RIA.
  12. gillman7

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    I bought a RIA 3.5" for concealed carry, and love it. I have around 700 rounds through it and it is just getting broken in. I am going to buy another one, this time a full size. Initially I bought it because I did not want to spend a lot of money on a carry pistol that would be thrown into the car, etc., but now I am impressed enough with it, that I will buy another.
  13. Conagher

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    I've got a very nice Colt 1911 Gov Series 80 stainless 45 with all the good stuff in it. I've had everything done to it to make it super reliable and functionable. I do however need to send in the slide to have Meprolight install new night sights as mine are not as bright as they should be anymore.
  14. ghrit

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    Bump. There is a 1911 in my future, keep the ideas rolling, I need all the advice I can get. Back on WR there was a movement afoot for a group buy, but it seems to have fallen thru the cracks, sorta like a good case of the greenapple quicksteps.:eek: Had my eye on a Springfield back then.foosed
  15. E.L.

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  16. BigO01

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    Another new 1911 to consider is the Taurus PT 1911 , it just hit the street in the last couple of months , has just about all the bells and whistles one could want for a price from the mid $400's-$500's .

    Gunbroker has a few samples for sale .

    I have read perhaps 4 dozen reports from owners and maybe 3 were negative , complaining about fit or trigger pull before they even fired the weapon , only one had a legitimate complaint in that the grip safety wouldn't work and as I recall the guy returned it and then bought another one that worked fine .

    One bad thing for some people will be the fact that they have MIM parts in them which of course you can replace if one should break .
  17. Quigley_Sharps

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    my 1911 is a Colt stock sites, wilson goodies and she goes bam at every pull of the trigger, no matter the ammo,
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