Tea Party, Extreemist, and Gun Propaganda an example:

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    Tea Party, Extreemist, and Gun Propaganda an example and a history lesson:

    I went to the downtown Tea Party event. It was something to see. Between you and I, I got a little choked up when I saw the mass of people who gathered. After serving in the military later in life, joining in my 30's out of principal, I had low expectations that there would be many others that felt as strongly about the current state of affairs as I did. I was somewhat overwhelmed when I saw the crowd that had gathered in support of our country. Unfortunately not everyone saw it that way:

    Get a load of this:

    This is what CNN reported initially:
    1) http://www.eyeblast.tv/public/checker.aspx?v=ydSUqGSUaG
    2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMxKMr2wnhk
    3) http://newsbusters.org/blogs/seton-...ea-party-reporter-rejected-gig-fox-news-twice

    This is what you did not see:
    1) YouTube- Chicago Tax Day Tea Party
    2) YouTube- Susan Roesgen Chicago Tea Party 4/15
    The result:

    If you would like to take a more active roll in making sure her impromptu vacation is permanent let CNN know what you thought of their snark attack "reporting". Apparently, a great many other people were sounding off too. As of 0830 this morning, CNN had shut down Susan Roesgen's (who compared Bush to Hitler in her coverage of Katrina) email.
    Since you can't contact her anymore, perhaps folks would instead like to contact CNN Executive Vice President Ken Jautz at: ken.jautz@cnn.com and CNN Chairman & CEO, Phil Kent at: phil.kent@turner.com

    Feel free to share this with anyone that you feel will be entertained by this.

    A little history lesson:


    Propaganda within Nazi Germany was taken to a new and frequently perverse level. Hitler was very aware of the value of good propaganda and he appointed Joseph Goebbels as head of propaganda.


    Propaganda is the art of persuasion - persuading others that your 'side of the story' is correct. Propaganda might take the form of persuading others that your military might is too great to be challenged; that your political might within a nation is too great or popular to challenge etc. In Nazi Germany, Dr Joseph Goebbels was in charge of propaganda. Goebbels official title was Minister of Propaganda and National Enlightenment.


    As Minister of Enlightenment, Goebbels had two main tasks:
    to ensure nobody in Germany could read or see anything that was hostile or damaging to the Nazi Party. to ensure that the views of the Nazis were put across in the most persuasive manner possible.

    To ensure success, Goebbels had to work with the SS and Gestapo and Albert Speer. The former hunted out those who might produce articles defamatory to the Nazis and Hitler while Speer helped Goebbels with public displays of propaganda.

    To ensure that everybody thought in the correct manner, Goebbels set up the Reich Chamber of Commerce in 1933. This organisation dealt with literature, art, music, radio, film, newspapers etc. To produce anything that was in these groups, you had to be a member of the Reich Chamber. The Nazi Party decided if you had the right credentials to be a member. Any person who was not admitted was not allowed to have any work published or performed. Disobedience brought with it severe punishments. As a result of this policy, Nazi Germany introduced a system of censorship. You could only read, see and hear what the Nazis wanted you to read, see and hear. In this way, if you believed what you were told, the Nazi leaders logically assumed that opposition to their rule would be very small and practiced only by those on the very extreme who would be easy to catch.

    Hitler came to power in January 1933. By May 1933, the Nazi Party felt sufficiently strong to publicly demonstrate where their beliefs were going when Goebbels organised the first of the infamous book burning episodes. Books that did not match the Nazi ideal was burnt in public - loyal Nazis ransacked libraries to remove the 'offending' books. "Where one burns books, one eventually burns people" commented the author Brecht.
    The same approach was used in films. The Nazis controlled film production. Films released to the public concentrated on certain issues : the Jews; the greatness of Hitler; the way of life for a true Nazi especially children, and as World War Two approached, how badly Germans who lived in countries in Eastern Europe were treated. Leni Riefenstahl was given a free hand in producing Nazi propaganda films. A young film producer, she had impressed Hitler with her ability. It was Riefenstahl who made "Triumph of Will" - considered one of the greatest of propaganda films despite its contents.

    What was seen in the cinemas was controlled. "Hitlerjunge Quex" was made in 1933. This film told the story of a boy brought up in a communist family in Germany who broke away from this background, joined the Hitler Youth and was murdered by the Communists in Germany for doing so. "The Eternal Jew" was a film that vilified the Jews - comparing the Jews in Europe to a hoard of rats, spreading disease etc. "Tarzan" films were banned because the Nazis frowned on so little clothing being worn especially by women. One film that celebrated the might of the German Navy was not screened as it showed a drunken German sailor. However, the cinemas were not full of serious films with a political message. Goebbels ordered that many comedies should be made to give Germany a 'lighter' look.

    The ensure that everybody could hear Hitler speak, Goebbels organised the sale of cheap radios. these were called the "People's Receiver" and they cost only 76 marks. A smaller version cost just 35 marks. Goebbels believed that if Hitler was to give speeches, the people should be able to him. Loud speakers were put up in streets so that people could not avoid any speeches by the Fuhrer. Cafes and other such properties were ordered to play in public speeches by Hitler.

    Goebbels and his skill at masterminding propaganda is best remembered for his night time displays at Nuremberg. Here, he and Speer, organised rallies that were designed to show to the world the might of the Nazi nation. In August of each year, huge rallies were held at Nuremberg. Arenas to hold 400,000 people were built. In the famous night time displays, 150 search lights surrounded the main arena and were lit up vertically into the night sky. Their light could be seen over 100 kilometres away in what a British politician, Sir Neville Henderson, called a "cathedral of light".


    Part of the Nuremberg Stadium's "Cathedral of Light"

    Why was so much effort put into propaganda?

    At no time up to 1933, did the Nazi Party win a majority of votes at elections. They may have been the largest political party in 1933, but they did not have a majority of support among the people. Therefore, those who had supported the Nazis needed to be informed on how correct their choice was with an emphasis on the strength of the party and the leadership. Those who opposed the Nazi Party had to be convinced that it was pointless continuing with their opposition. The fact that Goebbels had so much power is indicative of how important Hitler thought it was to ensure that the people were won over or intimidated into accepting Nazi rule.

    "The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it." Goebbels

    "Propaganda is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. If the means achieves the end then the means is good.........the new Ministry has no other aim than to unite the nation behind the ideal of the national revolution." Goebbels
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    Example of anti gun copied from another post:

    Armed hero saves 4 lives during home invasion robbery

    There’s nothing like a justifiable homicide to bring out the bigotry resting in the heart of Old Media reporters.

    Last week, Demario Brown, on the run from police, held up two women at gunpoint and forced them into the house they were visiting, and then held two additional victims at gunpoint while demanding money he claimed was stolen from him. Then things began to go wrong for Mr. Brown as one of the victims, Timothy King, fought back with his own gun. In the exchange of fire, Mr. Brown was fatally wounded, ran out of the house and collapsed a short distance away.

    Even though one article’s title was accurately stated as “Robbery suspect shot dead by intended victim,” North Charleston’s Live 5 News still chose the “concerned neighbor” gambit to condemn the shooting:

    "Just moved here. This is the welcome North Charleston gives us," said Donnell Dunlap who witnessed the shooting…
    Something like that shouldn't happen around here. It ain't right."

    Donnell Dunlap says the shooting has left him no choice, but to pack up and move. "We need to get a hold of the community, a hold of the community. Other than that, stuff like this is gonna happen every day in front of our kids."

    Mr. Dunlap does not appear on the police report as a material witness. However, Live 5 News used Mr. Dunlap as their spokesman to promote the message that an armed citizen defending people’s lives “ain’t right.” Dunlap got his 15 seconds of fame and Live 5 News got to publish an anti-self-defense op/ed under the guise of reporting.

    The Post and Courier coverage was the opposite: intentionally misleading title–“Gunfire leaves 1 dead”–and decent interview of a victim:

    Lakeasha Williams, the witness, said she and her 7-month-old daughter stopped outside of 2693 Ranger Drive to pick up her co-worker and the co-worker's daughter on their way to daycare and their jobs.
    As they buckled the friend's child into the car, a man wearing a white T-shirt around his face appeared from behind the house and pointed a gun at them.

    Williams said the man trained the gun on her co-worker and threatened to shoot her if the couple didn't give him the money that he said had been stolen from him.
    After interviewing North Charleston Police Department spokesman Spencer Pryor and reviewing the incident reports he sent, certain facts were either ignored or obfuscated by Old Media:

    · Brown invaded the resident’s house and held four people at gunpoint, and made threats to shoot them, well within legal guidelines for using deadly force in defense of self and others.
    · The initial shots occurred inside the home, which is where Brown received his fatal wound.
    · Mr. King, the defender, does not face any charges whatsoever. Therefore, Brown’s allegations that money was stolen from him appear to be nothing more than his way to justify terrorizing at least 6 people.

    The justifiable homicide conclusion was weakly reported by the Post and Courier in a two-paragraph notice. It seems good news is not worth the same effort as an article leading with “Gunfire leaves 1 dead.”

    There is one more piece in this puzzle, which Old Media chose to ignore. Less than 7 hours before the robbery, Demario Brown was the subject of a traffic stop by the North Charleston Police Department. Seeing Brown unable to drive on the right side of the road, an officer attempted to pull him over, but Brown fled in his car. Eventually, Brown ran from the car on foot and escaped. Returning to the vehicle, the original officer found a loaded revolver, a bag of marijuana, and a social security card for Demario Brown. The officer was able to identify Brown via a photo from the Charleston County Detention Center. Brown was also driving with a suspended license.

    Plans to prey upon defenseless women ended abruptly for a violent criminal with a history of lawlessness. A morning of terror ended abruptly when one law-abiding citizen exercised his civil right of self-defense.
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    +1on getting misty eyed over the pledge of allegiance and speakers... Minuteman talks of the patriot movement meetings in the 90's (before Mcveighmade them targets) I can imagine the feelings of solidarity and patriotic pride were much the same.
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    I've been having lots of Deja vue. The things .gov are doing are straight out of the Clintonista play book. Demonize a section of the population that you think might cause you problems, turn public sentiment against them, spread false propaganda, then attack them and no one will care. The sheep will cheer you on.

    Even today most people still believe the propaganda that was used to justify the crack down on the movement. A bunch of redneck bubbas wanting to overthrow the government. the potrayal in movies and the hyperventilating "news" specials. The "lone wolf" nut jobs and the occasional media hyped arrests of "right wing radicals".

    I never attended a single meeting or rally where anyone suggested overthrowing the government. I never spoke with one single leader anywhere in the United States that suggested anything of the sort. The entire "mission statement", the goal and purpose was to be heard. To send a message. "We are watching you, and we will resist IF you continue on this unconstitutional path."

    Any "Bomb throwers" that showed up at these meetings were immediately escorted to the door and told not to come back. Or recorded and turned over to local FBI or ATF. Of course most times that is where they came from anyway. The most famous "Right wing radical militia nut" McViegh was kicked out of every single movement group he tried to join. He had been reported by them for years to authorities, but they had no desire in stopping thier "Manchurian candidate" from fulfilling his mission.

    The one thing that is different now is the makeup of the groups I am seeing. The tea party I ttended was a mish-mash of every segment of society. thier were many young people, old people, black, white and latino, besides the stereotypical "Angry White Male".

    But will it matter? I have no hope that it will. As the pressure increases, and soon it becomes dangerous to speak up, then, just as in the past, most will fade away, slink away. Cower at home in fear and the abuses will continue unabated. There may be a "Great Backlash" in the next election, just like in the Clinton years, and all the sheep will pat thierselves on the backs and go back to grazing thier fodder blissffully unaware.

    Many argued, here and elsewhere that the abuses being normalized under the last administration were dangerous. The suspension of Habeus Corpus, military tribunals, the spying on of citizens all in the name of "Combating Terorism". But the cry was "They're just terrorists" "They have no riights!!" "Screw em!!"

    Well now who is the terrorists? Do you oppose federal expansion? Do you oppose abortion? Do you Support the second amendment?
    You are now the terrorists!!

    First they came for the bankers, and I didn't care...........

    The only hope that we have from all of this tea party movement is to see it coalesce into a firm, committed, and purpose driven national movement.
    Patriots standing firm to stop any and all abuses of federal and state powers. From both parties. A return to constitutional authority, justice for all, even the terrorists!!
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    Posters from the next government approved tea parties;
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    I see a light shining through here.....
    No,....wait.....I was wrong!
    It's a freight train and it's about to run us under it's wheels!
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    Argue with the wife about this too. trying to convince her the whole gitmo/torture thing is/was wrong and should be investigated.
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