Temporary 'enjoyment marriages' back in Iraq

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    Interesting article - too long to post here but here is the link and some of the highlights excerpted


    BAGHDAD — Fatima Ali was a 24-year-old divorcee with no high school diploma and no job. Shawket al-Rubae was a 34-year-old Shiite sheik with a pregnant wife who, he said, could not have sex with him.

    Ali wanted someone to take care of her. Rubae wanted a companion.

    They met one afternoon in May at the house he shares with his wife, in the room where he accepts visitors seeking his religious counsel. He had a proposal. Would Ali be his temporary wife? He would pay her 5,000 Iraqi dinars upfront — about $4 — in addition to her monthly expenses. About twice a week over the next eight months, he would summon her to a house he would rent.

    The negotiations took an hour and ended with an unwritten agreement, the couple recalled. Thus began their "mutaa," or enjoyment marriage, a temporary union believed by Shiite Muslims to be sanctioned by Islamic law.The Shiite practice began 1,400 years ago, in what is now Iraq and other parts of the region, as a way to provide for war widows.

    Shiite clerics and others who practice mutaa say such marriages are keeping young women from having unwed sex and widowed or divorced women from resorting to prostitution to make money.

    "It was designed as a humanitarian help for women," said Mahdi al-Shog, a Shiite cleric.

    Both Shiite and Sunni Muslims allow men to have more than one permanent wife, but they disagree over mutaa.

    Most Shiites believe that the prophet Muhammad encouraged the practice as a way to give widows an income. Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, Iraq's most revered Shiite cleric, has sanctioned it and offers advice on his Web site.

    A woman cannot terminate a temporary marriage before it expires unless the man agrees, said four sheiks interviewed for this article.

    Once the marriage is over, she has to wait at least two menstrual cycles before she can have another relationship so that paternity can be easily determined if she becomes pregnant, they said.

    Most mutaa contracts stipulate that no children be produced. If a woman were to become pregnant anyway, Islamic law would require the man to support the child, the sheiks said. But the clerics disagreed over how much power they have to impose that rule.

    Rubae said the man who refuses his child would be whipped or even killed. "We as the sheiks should be sure this thing will stay legitimate," he said.
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    This sounds like a perfectly legal means of dealing with a situation within the parameters of their religion.[applaud]
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    When I was in Saudi Arabia I learned of their "Marriage of Convenience" law. Prostitution is outlawed and a capitol offence. Stoning being the most common form of execution. However, it is permissible to "Marry" a woman and pay her a "dowry" for being your "Wife" for one hour. Then you merely say three times "I divorce you" and the "Marriage" is over.

    But you can't pay her to have sex with you! That's a sin and against the law!![LMAO]

    That's like their law on praying. You MUST do it five times a day. It is one of the Pillars of Islam.
    The only exceptions to this Holy duty is for someone who is ill, prohibited by force, traveling, or just forgot.
    A lot of Muslims "Forget" that 5 am one!!
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    That's funny...

    oh btw..

    If there are any attractive women reading this that need a "humanitarian $4" just pm me ;)
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    this is quite similar among the major "law" based religions of the world ... to create ungodly rules to satisfy man's ungodly wishes. Makes me appreciate objective justification more and more.
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    Back in the real world, I lived in Nevada for several years where prostitution is like alcohol in Texas. It is up to the counties to decide whether or not to allow it.
    It is the oldest proffesion and will never be legislated away. I whole heartedly support legalizing it. The brothels in Nevada are probably the safest place in the world to engage in that type of activity. For the customer and the client. The health of the workers is closely monitored and the state gets the tax revenue. I would much prefer that than seeing these druggie streetwalkers spreading diseases and risking their lives and the lives of their cutomers.
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    [applaud] [fnny] [LMAO] [applaud]
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    Run Away! Run Away!
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    "You americans are so naieve, like when you break up with a girl; its a big deal!"
    Where I come from, we have a simple way to do it " you say "I break with thee, I break with thee, I break with thee ....and you throw dog poop on her shoes"...And then me and my bother yorgy: We look for the girls with dog poop on their shoes!"( see who recognizes that)...
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    OOOOhh! ME! ME!

    "We are two wild and crazy guys!"

    No way can you get classic SNL past me!
    Beldar, Land Shark, Miss Emily Latilla, Samurai Hotel. Some of the greatest comedy ever on tv.
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    [applaud][bow][touchdown][touchdown]I think it was on steve martins "king tut " album...(lp); IIrc he had two or three albums out around that time..early snl is probably the best television ever produced.
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    "Never mind...."

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    I don't know how many people got that one, but rest assured it didn't get by completely unappreciated. :)
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    Oh Ok! Duh!!! I'm a little slow. Good one C.
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    One of my favorites!
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