Terrorist Watch List Gun Ban

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by stg58, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. stg58

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    They are rolling this out as "common sense gun control" ban the folks on the no fly list or and "others" being investigated on the terrorist watch list that contains 800,000 names on it in 2014...
    They claim there will be a way of removing names if you are on the list by mistake even if true what is the mechanism and how many years will it take and how many lawyers, appeals and court costs..
    If this is passed and HELLary gets in I can see her regime using this with greatly expanded parameters for being added to the terrorist watch list......... a member of GOA, NRA, Flying a Gadsden flag, confederate flag, posting on subversive web sites like Survival Monkey Forums, supporting subversive web sites like Survival Monkey Forums..

    This could be a back door for the gun bans they crave.[BSf]

    Q: What is the terrorist watch list?

    A: The FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center, created in 2003 following the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., maintains the terrorist watch list, a database of people known or suspected of being involved in terrorist activities. Federal agencies used to keep nearly a dozen separate listings but shared them only occasionally.

    The list had around 800,000 names on it in 2014, according to testimony the Center’s director, Christopher Piehota, gave that September to a House subcommittee. The no-fly list, a subset of the broader terrorist listing, has around 64,000 people on it, Piehota said.

    Trump to Meet with NRA about Terrorist Watch List Gun Ban
    Donald Trump said Wednesday that he will meet with the National Rifle Association to discuss banning individuals on the federal government's terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms.

    "I will be meeting with the NRA, who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no fly list, to buy guns," the presumptive GOP nominee for president tweeted.
  2. VisuTrac

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    ... and then everyone goes on the list.
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  3. marlas1too

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    lets ban politicians instead
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  4. Yard Dart

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    Hell, they have talked about convicting folks just for denying global warming.....

    Going after legal gun owners for spewing whatever they like, per their first ammendment rights....will take the gloves off for sure.....Nuff said!!
  5. oil pan 4

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    Who believes it's only 800,000 people? Maybe they left off a zero or to. It is the government after all they make little mistakes like this all the time.
    No one knows how many people are on it unless you believe the government, no one knows how you get on it, no one knows how you removed from it. It will be one of those ones you have to pass before you get to see it.
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  6. Salted Weapon

    Salted Weapon West Coast Monkey

  7. Altoidfishfins

    Altoidfishfins Monkey+++

    ...or clearing a background check for a firearms purchase will automatically place you on the terror watch list.

    Sounds like a leftist catch 22.
  8. Oltymer

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    Hitlery is presently under investigation by the FBI, does this mean she wouldn't be able to purchase a gun even if she decides to accept Trumps challenge of ditching her Secret Service armed escort and going it alone in the world we all exist in. Also, are people under investigation by the FBI still allowed to run for President?
  9. Motomom34

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    I find it interesting that we just had a man that was interviewed by the FBI, claimed racism so the FBI cleared him and he would not have been on the no fly list. It's to me that this man was a terrorist. Yesterday they spun that he was gay and that did not generate the sympathy that they inspired so now we have this popping up. This man would still have been able to fly and buy a gun. He was not on any list even though he should have been. It seems to me that we are losing sight, this was a terror attack. The man did it for ISIS and that is not the focus.

    No fly list, no buy and we still will not call a terrorist a terrorist. The good citizens of this country are in trouble.
  10. VHestin

    VHestin Farm Chick

    To me the real story is not that a jerkface went on a killing spree, it's that we still have people who think the government will protect them, despite the proof time and again that they don't even protect themselves very well, let alone anyone else.
  11. chimo

    chimo the few, the proud, the jarhead monkey crowd

    and of course the weasels in the NRA are backing this nonsense. They want to add due process mechanisms to get one off the list...but that isn't enough. There must be due process mechanisms (like an arrest, trial and conviction) to put one ON the list in the first place...rather than some star-chamber generated black list of political enemies.

  12. Ganado

    Ganado Monkey+++

    well at least the canary is still alive at the bottom of each monkey web page =)

    IF you don't know about the canary maybe @Yard Dart or @Brokor or @ghrit will post the link
  13. Seepalaces

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    Ridiculous. Only people who disagree with the government go on the list.
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  14. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    I agree the no fly list has no merit unless due process is used to put people on it. They should be aware they are being placed on the list as well.
  15. Minuteman

    Minuteman Chaplain Moderator Founding Member

    Too many innocent people get on their list and it is nearly impossible to get removed from it. They don't have to tell you when your on it or for what reason you were put on it. I get pulled into homeland security nearly every time I come to the US. Because I am coming from Turkey or some Middle East country and last time they said it was because my wife looked Middle Eastern, she's not she's Native American. Umm, thought profiling wasn't PC?

    Luckily I have a return ticket so they usually ask a few questions and let us go on our way. One guy was put on it because he left on a flight to Istanbul on a one way ticket. He was meeting some college friends and they were going to tour Europe for a couple of weeks and weren't sure where they would be when he got ready to return so waited to buy his return ticket. He went to board the plane and he was stopped and told he was on the no fly list.

    So the list is a joke. Anyone at any time can be put on it for any reason. Do we want to give the govt that much power? And the slippery slope is that they, and they alone will determine if you are put on it. We know that much of mainstream America falls under their definition of "domestic terrorists".
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  16. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

    Saw a report where the NRA was for something LIKE this BUT...

    their watch list was pretty small and did NOT include those on MOST of the list...

    report said there was about 60,000 that would be on their list...

    and the literally millions of American's including some politicians would NOT be included on their list... ?

    anyone else see the report?
  17. Oltymer

    Oltymer Monkey++

    It seems to me that at this point there are two targets, one being semi-automatic firearms which are invariably always labeled erroneously as assault weapons, and the other as legal Due Process, that are in the sights of the Politicos pushing for more gun control laws using the Orlando attack as a springboard to advance their agenda.

    The 2nd Amendment is not about "duck hunting" (B-1 Bob), recreational shooting, or even defending yourself against criminal attack, it was about keeping the citizens well armed to protect themselves against government gone haywire.

    The No-Fly lists, which rely on secrecy and are riddled with errors, from which there is no legal recourse if you end up on it, which basically strips you of your Constitutional rights based upon mere suspicion. The government doesn't have to prove anything, there is no trial, no lawyers, just a secret court.

    Patriot Act - Sec.806, "civil seizure of their assets without a prior hearing, and without them ever being convicted of a crime".
    Without any Due Process involved, anybody may be painted as a domestic terrorist, have all their assets seized, and thrown into confinement forever - the rest of their lives, without any legal recourse by them in any fashion.

    This will spawn abuse, just like any other over reach taken by government, if they want your property, just don't like you, decide since you are a scary gun owner, or said something they found offensive, you could be put on this list, and your life as you live it now would cease to exist. Your home, car, property, bank account, all seized by the Feds and you're locked up in prison.

    This isn't the America I was born in, and now on a whim by a secret judge, in a secret court, anybody can be disappeared into a secret Gulag prison system where you could be mentally and physically tortured, held and abused as a slave, or even just executed, no trial or conviction needed.

    We've come a long way baby - from a Democratic Republic where citizens had actual rights to some sort of nightmarish Totaltarianist regime, where the Politicos work unceasingly to strip us of any vestige of civil liberty, where the electronic voting machines are easily hacked rendering elections and our votes as useless.

    Yeah, just put all gun owners on the no-fly list, seize all the guns and their loot, and lock em away, or put a bullet through their heads, that will eliminate any political resistance to their schemes.

    IMHO, gun control and no-fly lists are missing the point in this whole shitshow, which is domestic radical Islamism.
  18. Tempstar

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    I'm just waiting.....for them to put CCW holders on the terror watch list.
  19. AD1

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    I will let you know if it happens

    I have CCW issued in 2 states, my home state and where I work 2 weeks/month.

    I am a member of the "Trusted Traveler Program" for DHS and a NEXUS & Global Entry cards, which means I pass through airport security with out taking off shoes, liquids out of my bag and do not have to take electronics out of the carryons, program called PreCheck.

    Because of a security clearance, TTP and the CCWs, they have my finger prints and iris scans.

    I check a firearm 90% of the time when I travel so I am sure I am "lighting up the system" more than most of you.

    Add to that being part of a Sheriffs possee for the most hated Sheriff by the "Left".......

    Stay tuned.......
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  20. chimo

    chimo the few, the proud, the jarhead monkey crowd

    "If a person is on the terrorist watch list like the gentleman, the shooter in Orlando, twice by the FBI, we were briefed yesterday about what happened but that man was brought in twice. They did everything they could," Manchin said. "The FBI did everything they were supposed to do but there was no way to keep him on the nix list or keep him off the gun buy list. There was no way to do that. So can’t we say that if a person under suspicion, there should be a five-year period of time that we have to see if good behavior, if this person continues the same traits, maybe we could come to that type of an agreement. But due process is what's killing us right now."
    -- Senator Joe "we may need a confiscation mechanism" Manchin.

    Joe Manchin: 'Due Process Is Killing Us'
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