Texans organize 'Operation Counter Jade Helm' to keep an eye on the federal troops

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    The Russians invaded Afghanistan using flights they called charter flights.

    It looks like they are doing a great job of organizing.
    No doubt the lib media will brand them as a crazy right wing gun toting militia racist anti government hate group.
    I applied for a log in:)

    No doubt .gov has as well....

    Resources it looks like some good information we can all use.
    Counter Jade Helm
    Walkie-talkie app
    Zello. Live conversations.

    Texans organize 'Operation Counter Jade Helm' to keep an eye on the federal troops - Houston Chronicle
    When the troops land in Texas for Operation Jade Helm next week, someone will be waiting for them.

    Hundreds of people have organized a "Counter Jade Helm" surveillance operation across the Southwestern states and in an effort to keep an eye on the contentious military drill that's sparked many suspicious of Uncle Sam's intentions.
    Eric Johnston, a 51-year-old retired firefighter and sheriff's deputy who lives in Kerrville, is a surveillance team leader in Texas. He'll coordinate three groups of volunteers, about 20 folks in total, who hope to monitor the SEALs, Green Berets and Air Force Special Ops in Bastrop, Big Spring and Junction when Jade Helm kicks off on July 15. With media prohibited at the drills, the volunteers could be a main source of information for the highly-anticipate seven-state exercise.

    But locations more precise than the towns around which troops will drill remain unknown. For the citizens' surveillance operation, therein lies the first challenge.

    "If a team member sees two Humvees full of soldiers driving through town, they're going to follow them," Johnston said. "And they're going to radio back their ultimate location."
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    Dunno how effective that will be, since the stated goal is to covertly infiltrate and not attract attention until entirely in place if even then. I'd be looking for short haircuts rather than humvees. Even that could be a worthless exercise since there's time enough since announcement for hair to grow and beards to start.

    That said, it's nice to see something positive start up.
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    And what makes these folks think that the Troops will be driving Hummers? That would be a "Dead Giveaway" just like the spit-shined shoes, and the Clean & Tight Haircuts.... I mean Really Folks, do you think these SpecOps folks are dumb..... It is my bet, that they will come in "Commercial" looking like the Invasion of the Texas Hog Hunters, in CiviCamo, and use Rental Cars to get around.
    If they get spotted, they Lose, so what makes you'all think that they would make it easy to get spotted.... The best option for the "Watchers" is to find a Base, and surveil it, and note the Civi Vehicles moving in and out, and track those....
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    It does give .gov some new things to think about and watch.
    They are not just rolling over and more folks of a like mind are making contacts, in corporate speak they are "networking"
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    I dare say that they've already thunk it out, at least as far as local groups might form up. I dare say that they've also figured out how to blend in rather than the full on mil appearance. How good they are at looking like locals will have a lot to do with the success or not of the whole scheme.

    Some of the small towns will be able to pick up on a sudden increase in population. Less likely in urban centers, which, IIRC, was part of the initial bean spilling.
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    Most likely look like linemen for a power line problem. Something foreign but normal.
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    In any town smaller than 3000, they will be "Strangers" and stick out like a "Sore Thumb" to the locals, no matter HOW they Dress, or WHAT they drive....
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    Hoo-boy, the liberal media is going full we todd according to the above link ! [shoked]
    Rule No.5 right out of Alinsky's playbook. :
    “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions."

    Ice cream trucks as mobile morgues, giant earth destroying asteroid's, a Russian armada in the gulf of Mexico coming to liberate Texas, Walmarts linked by massive, secret underground tunnels and converted to civilian prisons (at least there'll be big screen TV'sbiglaff), Halliburton's (ok, the HARP) weather machine causing floods, Each one crazier than the other.

    Although there is some validity this is a full dress rehearsal for large scale civil unrest / war.

    I kinda like the "Russian Armada" though considering Putin's saber rattling they won't be riding to the rescue, they'll be invading.

    OTOH, couldn't the Russkies just walk over the border and demand free EBT and Obama phones like the Mexican's do ? [tongue]
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