The ‘Year of the Linux desktop’ never came, and it never will

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    I use my Linux boxes as utility computers not media stations so if true it does not matter to me.
    Skype and flash suck anyway..

    The ‘Year of the Linux desktop’ never came, and it never will
    Every culture has its myths and prophecies. For Linux users, it was “The Year Of The Linux Desktop.” The idea: someday in the future, likely soon, everyone is going to notice how great Linux is and just switch over, en masse.

    After all, the thinking went, why would people keep using expensive operating systems like Windows, when Linux is free? Why would OEMs keep paying Microsoft, when the community can hook them up? Why would users put up with Windows, when Linux is clearly superior? The community just needed to spread the good news, and install Linux on the computers of our friends and family. They’d see the light, and the revolution would begin.
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    Using Linux for many a year now and would not switch to microsucks ... I like my privacy and will only switch if something provides even more privacy for me...

    edit; Must be a Jarhead thing...
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    It's because Windows is bundled with every PC. Microsoft knew, early on, that the only way to remain dominant was to make any competitor's product seem unnecessary - so they made deals with all the PC manufacturers to bundle the Windows OS with every new PC. Microsoft gave away the OS, but they made their money on the "Office" suite that most customers bought to go with the PC.

    PC users aren't computer-literate; even Apple users have more basic knowledge. As techno-illiterates, PC users fall for the "Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt" (FUD) tactics which Microsoft users to steer users away from competing products. M$ also goes to great lengths to make sure that children are trained to use the Microsoft Office suite, even to the point of looking the other way when users steal copies of the Office suite from work, so that their children will learn the "Microsoft" way of doing things, and then demand M$ products when they join the workforce.

    William Warren
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    It is also probably the reason why student editions of M$ Office are heavily discounted. Cheap hits to begin with. ;)
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    The evil empire has many lawyers and even then they sometimes choose to cut bait.

    Microsoft v., Inc. was a court case brought by Microsoft against Lindows, Inc in December 2001, claiming that the name "Lindows" was a violation of its trademark "Windows."

    After two and a half years of court battles, Microsoft paid US$20 million for the Lindows trademark, and Lindows Inc. became Linspire Inc.

    The judge denied Microsoft's request for a preliminary injunction and raised "serious questions" about Microsoft's trademark. Microsoft feared a court may define "Windows" as generic and result in the loss of its status as a trademark.,_Inc.
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    Good post, William. I would even go farther. Most people do not have the time to learn a new operating system. Hell, that is why most of us drag our feet and wait as long as possible after a new release to change - that and waiting for the bugs to get ironed out. Sure, the geeks, will make time because that is all they do but the average person is truly computer illiterate. And, the selection of programs for Microsoft are much more, especially games. And, even the programs will run under Linux people don't want to take the chance. Why should they? All the want to do is get on the computer, do what they have to do and get about their life. They don't give a damn if Linux is more secure or even better. It's like a car to my wife - you turn the key and go - but ask her to explain why it goes or how it goes and she'll sigh and say, "...that's not important, besides that is what I have you for..." flattering but not a good answer yet it is the truth for most people.
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    @melbo that was very funny post. Did you ever tell her?
  9. ghrit

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    Trust me, she KNOWS what evil lurks in the heart of her man ---
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    Linux is fantastic, and if one chooses to not pay for a Linux OS --it is free. No legal mumbo-jumbo, no corporate hoops to jump through, and no fear of being tracked and monitored. Best of all, open source is a rewarding enterprise. By supporting Linux, contributors actually help pave the way for newer and better operating systems to be developed, and along with this comes all the added software which is also free. In every way, the open source Linux model bests every corporate operating system venture with the only exception being interactive, intense and immersive gaming. If Microsoft didn't have its monopoly on software and most developers, in particular the graphics industry by implementing the use of the .NET framework, we wouldn't be here wondering why things are the way they are. It's always about profit --money. The corporations are not going to likely support Linux with lawsuits levied by Microsoft, nor will they work twice as hard to support everything on multiple OS platforms if they don't really need to. The best the open source community can do is continue to create work-arounds (like Wine) and continue to support graphics and gaming as best they can. But, the software for those games simply will NOT be supported. If we can only find a way to destroy their .NET framework and monopoly with PC use (primarily with the government) --

    Like that's ever going to happen. For those who may not understand what this means or just how much power this corporate demonspawn actually has, here's a quick glance at the details:

    All that being said, let's look at the cloud computing, smart phones, and other mobile technologies. In Case You Don't Appreciate How Fast The 'Windows Monopoly' Is Getting Destroyed...
    internet connected devices.
    global computer.
    Now that people have a choice of devices, it turns out that a full-blown personal computer is often not the most cost-effective, convenient, or simplest way to do what a user wants to do. Instead of being the center of the personal computing world, in other words, the PC is becoming a specialized office-productivity device.

    But, user beware --the mobile device craze may end up tracking, tracing, and cornering people more than ever before. It's important to note just how little 'computing' most people are doing these days. With an ever-growing number of people dropping out of the personal computer realm, the door is opened wide for corporate giants like Microsoft to go wild with licensing, and with help from .GOV --regulating the internet.
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