The 25th US National Security Advisor fell on his sword, creating a vacancy for NSAdvisor #26

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    It seems that the USA's security agencies are not as incompetent as Michael Flynn Michael T. Flynn - Wikipedia and his boss, have been making out.
    Michael Flynn a dramatic early casualty in Trump administration

    Michael Flynn, a TRump captain's pick for his dream team as National Security Advisor, lasted 3 weeks and 3 days.

    Here's some advice to Flynn's successor....."stick to the knitting": leave diplomacy to the diplomats...and...oh....don't fib to the VP...he don't like it. ;)
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    He should have appointed Oprah.
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    And what White House would that be. Sounds like Obama and Co plus the haters. Washington Post is a liberal rag and I do think this is just a payback or making the current admin look bad.
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    Barely one year into Obama's administration we have this for comparison President Obama's Top 10 Failed Nominees and Appointees (Sen. Jim DeMint):

    1. Obama’s nominee to chair the National Intelligence Council, Chas Freeman, withdrew over questions about payments from the Saudi Arabian government, business ties to the state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corp., and negative statements he made about U.S. support for Israel. After he resigned he issued a combative public statement blaming the “Israel lobby” for “character assassination.” 

    2. White House “Green Jobs” czar Van Jones resigned after he it was discovered he signed a statement in support of a 9/11 “Truther” group. 

    3. Former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-South Dakota) withdrew his nomination to become Health and Human Services Secretary after it was discovered he failed to properly pay his taxes. 

    4. Nancy Killefer, Obama’s nominee to serve as the government’s chief performance officer, withdrew due to tax problems.


5. Governor Bill Richardson (D-New Mexico) withdrew his nomination to become Commerce Secretary because of an ongoing investigation into whether he doled out government contracts in exchange for campaign money. 

    6. White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers resigned after posing for photos at a White House dinner that a couple crashed through security to attend.


7. Jonathan Z. Cannon, nominated to serve as deputy director at the Environmental Protection Administration, withdrew over questions about a defunct non-profit, America’s Clean Water Foundation, where he served as a board member. In 2007, EPA auditors accused the non-profit of mismanaging $25 million in taxpayer funding.


8. Jide Zeitlin, Obama’s nominee to serve as U.S ambassador to the United Nations for management and reform withdrew his name while being accused of identify fraud and improper business practices. 

    9. Erroll Southers, Obama’s nominee to serve as director of the Travel Security Administration, withdrew after refusing to answer questions about collective bargaining and false testimony he presented to Congress.


10. Maj. Gen. Robert A. Harding, Obama’s second nominee to service as director of the Travel Security Administration, withdrew his name after it was discovered he received “service disabled veteran” status for sleep apnea.
    At least Flynn had the decency to resign in order to keep from becoming a distraction, unlike Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder who got caught selling guns to Mexican drug cartels in a scheme that was supposed to be used to further erode our right to keep and bear arms.

    At least Trump didn't use his powers to shield Flynn, unlike Obama who used executive privilege to prevent subpoenaed documentation regarding "Fast and Furious" from being delivered to Congress.

    The air in Washington will never be fresh, but right now it smells less of a sewer used by sick alcoholics.
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    I am polishing up my resume judging by the clowns in DC for the last 20 years an old duffer like myself will shoot to the top...
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  6. chelloveck

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    It's only less than a month into this administration....and another 47-71 months for other sword fallers, or cliff pushed overs to emerge. The warning signs were there, well before Flynn fell...but TRump appointed him anyway. I think Flynn's confirmation hearing would have made interesting viewing, had his post required Senate confirmation.
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    I think the next guy or gal that gets flamed by the left should just call for a duel. Them liberal pansies will just run for the hills. Bunch of chicken chit backstabber cry babies.... the lot of them. The nation is much better off today, than it would be if hildabeast had got the nod. We might have been shooting by now...... ;)
  8. chelloveck

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    Or eating a Podesta seems that the Flynn curse is generational....Mike's son got fired for faking (tweets) whilst working for the transitional team. Whatever it takes, sometimes has a way of taking the taker of whatever it took. ;)
  9. Yard Dart

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  10. chelloveck

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    Allegedly, the TRump team were made aware of Flynn's falsehoods; at least a month before before NSAdvisor #25 fell on his sword, but let it ride anyway. TRump only cast Flynn adrift, once Flynn's misdoings became undeniable public knowledge that would harm TRump's program to "make America great". (News Ltd, owned by Citizen Murdoch, is not known for being a pinko, commie rag. ;) )

    TRump gets no credit, just because someone somewhere else allegedly did something worse, and got away with it. TRump is accountable for his own poor judgement calls.
  11. 3M-TA3

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    If everybody knew about it, just how was Flynn subject to blackmail? Just curious how what was apparently common knowledge according to the article could be used as leverage with threats of exposure. Likely Trump recognized that, counseled him, and when it became a media circus Flynn stepped down to keep it from becoming a larger distraction to Trump's agenda.

    Now, if Flynn said something during those conversations that, for example, plotted against the US or gave up any secrets then he belongs in prison. The "crime" so far seems to be a violation of protocol.
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    The corporate media is spinning this as if Flynn had "relations" with Russia and "may have" had influence on the election. They have to repeat these assertions (mostly because they aren't true) to try and further beat the POTUS.

    "YES! LOOK AT US, THE POWERFUL MEDIA! WE RUN THIS COUNTRY, NOT YOU! MUHUWAAAHAHAHA!" Like a bunch of jackals. This is no different than the Venezuelan coup. These CFR rats are cold blooded Communists, to the core, and they will stop at nothing to see this nation burn.
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  13. chelloveck

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    In answer to your question 3M, what has emerged,to quote "Donald Rumsfeld" is now a known known; we may not be privy to all of the conversation(s) with the Russian diplomat, and we do not know what kinds of information that Flynn may have been able to indiscreetly reveal to the Russians, if Flynn were to become compromised. Flynn was going outside of his remit as NSAdvisor, in discussing sanctions with the Russians; That role properly belongs to US diplomats and others.

    Flynn's vulnerability to compromise by the Russians is, to quote Donald Rumsfeld, an "unknown unknown". Flynn's dissembling to his bosses, and public denials, threw up more red flags than TRump could Flynn had to go, if only because the general public could unavoidably see them also.
  14. VisuTrac

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    My issue is .. our security agencies are spying on our own government. and wielding leverage over them and their actions.
    Makes one wonder who really is in charge.
    First the came for the cabinet members but I wasn't a cabinet member.
    Then they came for the staffers but I wasn't a staffer.
    Then they came for .... Well by they time they get to me and the famdamily there won't be anyone left.
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  15. chelloveck

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    Yes, and the converse also happens, to keep their dirty deeds safe and opaque....

    First they came for the whistle blowers, but I wasn't a whistle blower,
    Then they came for the leakers, but I wasn't a leaker,
    Then they came for the conspiracy theorists, but I wasn't a conspiracy theorist,
    Then they came for....well, by the time they come for me, the FEMA camps would be all set up and in full re-education mode......if and when Betsy De Vos would find her pencils ;)
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