The BEST $14 I ever spent.!

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    A month back I bought a dash cam on a whim and had started using it about half the time I was driving in my truck. Fortunately I was running it yesterday because I had an accident with a $hit box Toyota driven by a female young person.
    She ran a red light and was over the top nuts blaming me saying I ran the red and the officer was buying her story since the other folks in the car were backing her and there were no traffic cams at that corner. They were just lying through their teeth and starting to claim sore necks $$$$$[BSf] I was so involved with the spectacle of these idiots huddling getting their stories straight with their histrionics I forgot I had it all on a SD memory card.
    Finally I remembered and the officer and myself reviewed the footage and as he saw what really happened and how they concocted their stories before and after he arrived a small smile came over his face and the back up he called in because they were so nuts nodded his head and said ya not surprised.

    She got the ticket for running the light, no insurance and the rest will be referred to the DA for lying to police using my footage as evidence:)
    Not real major damage and my insurance will cover it while they go after her, can't get blood from a turnip or from a car full of career welfare EBT people.

    I will be ordering two more cams probably better models but the one below is the one that saved me a ton of lawyer and court time. : 2.5-inch HD Car LED IR Vehicle DVR Road Dash Video Camera Recorder Traffic Dashboard Camcorder - LCD 270 degrees whirl : Vehicle Backup Cameras : Electronics

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    That is great, everyone should have one of these, including me. Thank you for the post it made my day. Awesome.
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    At that price, you might want one front and rear, so you could show the guy who just rear ended you was texting while driving...
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  4. ghrit

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    Front or rear, make certain there's no way you can be accused of obstructing your own vision. In particular, your rear view mirror should not feature the camera. I know a guy --
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    Good advice, @stg58. Hope you were unharmed.
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    Awesome story.
  8. Dont

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    Picked up a cam recorder that mounts on the handle bar's of my bike.. cost 69.00 at wal mart.. worked good on the ride to S.Dakota this summer.. Was supposed to have an SD chip included until I read the instructions inside..
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    $13.54 & FREE Shipping on orders over $

    The video was OK but I would suggest going for a better/higher resolution dash cam.
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    Some states Minnesota and Cal maybe others you can't attach anything including a GPS to the windshield.
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    Good pickup. I should have emphasized that sticking the camera in the middle of the rear window was a bad idea.
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    Where do you locate it then? I have mine hidden behind the mirror up high above the rear view mirror and on the tailgate
  13. ghrit

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    In my case, the rear looking one will be in the corner of the rear window. Forward is down low on top of the dash in the "shadow" of the hood. Both are well clear of the usual looking areas, and not going to attract undue attention. Can't put my forward one behind the rear view mirror, not enough space, but it would work there if it fit.
  14. stg58

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    A friend has a dash cam he paid around $30 for and it has a 16:9 aspect ratio (HD format) video where mine is not as good, his has much better video.
    While mine covered me its lower light performance is not that good.
    I would suggest spending a few more bucks for better video.

    There are so many out there it is going to take some research to find one..:(
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