The Best Places in America to Be in The Event of a Collapse

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    The Best Places in America to Be in The Event of a Collapse - Ask a Prepper

    A link of a place I ran across. As I agree with some of the place (guess I'm geographical biased of the Ozark Region, even though I just live on the outskirts). I also think that this guy didn’t think all the other elements of those areas through very well. The Ozark Region is all I could really talk about with some kind of knowledge. I don’t think that he thought about the weather in this area. Its gets pretty hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but then sometimes the winter can reach 70's and summer won’t get out of the 90's. Also in the winter it might snow one day and be 50 the next. One thing about this area is there are not but a few large cities in this area. There are a few bigger within a 50-100 miles or so, but not that many as the East or West coast. Also this is pretty much tornado alley. upload_2016-4-15_15-42-34.

    (thank you Ganado for the map)

    I hope this gives someone that might be on the fringe about relocating to a place just because one person says it the best place. There has been other people that talked about the best place and Oklahoma was not at the top, but not at the bottom. More at the upper middle. I have lived in Oklahoma my whole live, mostly on the eastern side. From almost on the Kansas border to where I am now approximately 70 north of the Texas border and 60 miles from the Arkansas border (yes this would give you an idea where I live, but that’s still a huge area to try to find me). I just would like to share this and get other opinions on this. Maybe tell why where they live would be better or not.
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    Opinion: If you aren't where you want to be come the fall, it'll be too late, so be prepared to deal with things where you are. That said the sooner the road unrolls under your feet, the better. Maybe something has you tied down in a poor location, so get to work setting yourself up to begone.

    Like as not, you won't be young when you get relocated, but don't let that stop you from getting ready. I can tell you without any form of hesitation that I was over 60 until I could get where I needed to be. Your best place is NOT mine, nor vice versa, necessarily. Part of prepping is figuring out where you want to be as well as being ready to deal with things where you find yourself.
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    But, if you have time; make your way to Yellowstone. Plenty of game, some natural man traps, you can hide out in the Rocky Mountains for years and nobody will come look for you.
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    I agree with you, just throwing it out there as a "what if I was going to relocate some where" thing.
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    Alaska is the place to be....
  6. ghrit

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    Or the High Uinta.
  7. TailorMadeHell

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    I can see the Yellowstone idea. Besides, if the caldera goes, you won't have to worry anymore.
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    Yeah you want to see it now before the caldera erupts!
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    "Yes, Mr president, we have the whole of Yellowstone park filled with armed freedom fighters, preppers, minutemen, 3%ers, promise keepers, and gun nuts of all sorts, and just one little air delivered bunker buster, and you can flip that giant flush handle and away they go.......then blame it on Bush or Global Warming...[sarc1]"
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    Only place a soldier can go on maneuvers' and come back weighing more then when he left!
  11. MountainMariner

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    Right here.
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    Until she blows!!!!! [lolol][peep]
  13. tacmotusn

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    They are all perfect places, there are no perfect places. Too many variables and personal likes and dislikes and skill sets and much much more. Useless conversation. My truck is better than yours. Your caliber of rifle is wrong, and you smoke the wrong cigarettes. Shall I go on? We all are individuals, we have our own special preferences, climate, area, etc. JMHO
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    I recall watching this analysis as to where you should be if there is a collapse.

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    So we are all moving to Jackson County Florida?[LMAO][biggrouphug]
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    We have a place in the mountains of NE Georgia. The nearest town is 26 miles away with a population of ~8K. There is a lake with fish, game and I'll be putting in a fenced garden. There are 2 or 3 year round occupants.

    If and when SHTF happens, the safe places are where the "locusts" will not come because pickings are too slim.
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    ALL OF YOU STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! We are perfectly happy here in Northern Idaho...
    Anyone with any real knowledge of the Northwest area look at this stupid map - the Cascades? Do they understand how close the Cascades are to major populations centers? @Yard Dart what do you think? You heading West?
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    Not a chance heading west!!!!!
  19. chelloveck

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    My safest place is in an area where there are literally thousands of critters that can sting, bite, poison, trample, gore, slash, and disembowel me....and they're just my fellow hominid citizens. I'm afraid of spiders, scorpions, snakes, and bed bugs...:eek:
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    yep....BT has to replenish his crab trap bait sometime! :D
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