The Dangerous Book for Boys

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    [FONT=Verdana,Arial]The Dangerous Book for Boys The Dangerous Book for Boys (9780061243585): Conn Iggulden, Hal…@@AMEPARAM@@

    In a radical departure from modern schoolroom readings, the book has
    almost nothing to say about feelings, relationships or how boys can
    learn to cry. It valorizes risk, adventure and manliness.

    Today's boys inhabit a danger-averse world where even old favorites
    like tag and dodge ball are under a cloud - Too competitive!
    Someone might get hurt! The National Parent Teacher Association
    recommends a cooperative alternative to the fiercely competitive "tug
    of war" called "tug of peace."

    By contrast, "The Dangerous Book for Boys" has detailed instructions
    on how to hunt, kill, skin and cook a rabbit. . . .

    The sad lesson of this book's success is how far our current education
    culture has drifted from the world of boys. The special art of teaching
    boys - once so well understood by educators everywhere - is at risk of
    being lost forever.

    One literacy expert reviewed several junior-high social studies texts
    and concluded: "Many students may well end up thinking that the West
    was settled chiefly by females, most often accompanied by their

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    Both of those look like they'll be perfect gifts for boys -- there's also one for girls on the second link...

    Something I always regret not joining was Boy Scouts. They do some very cool things -- and getting to be "Eagle Scout" was no small accomplishment. I envy the self-discipline it takes to attain many of their badges.
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    It vaguely reminds me of a set of book I picked up at a barn sale 20 yrs ago - A Woman's Guide to Homemaking. IIRC, the set cost me $2

    I collect cookbooks and thought this 5 volume set published in the 1800's would be a good addition.

    It contains everything from how to clean fresh game, soapmaking, what wood produces the best heat in a firebox, etc.
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