The Devil’s Pleasure Palace

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    An opinion piece that might be worth looking at... it suggests how we got where we are politically...

    and how our younger generations got edumacated?

    The Devil’s Pleasure Palace and How America Fell Victim to Marxist Progressive Ideas

    a few lines from the article...

    "However, ever since the 1960’s, this all slowly began to change, along with a fundamental reordering of Western cultural, morality, and law.

    In addition, there was an ever-growing contempt for Christianity, the very faith (along with Judaism) that had for centuries, provided the essential moral foundation for America and Western Civilization. And now, here we are, finding ourselves at war with our own core founding values.

    How did this all happen?

    When we search for answers, we will discover a long-term infiltration and subversion of Judeo-Christian America by people holding a profoundly un-Christian and un-American worldview. We will discover the real history of the “progressive” movement and how it has been taking over virtually every one of America’s key institutions for the last two to three generations.

    While the progressive tree has many Marxist roots in America, one of the most important to examine is the Frankfurt School. This influential group of Marxist academics, who back in the 1930’s during Hitler ascendency, moved from Germany to America to organize the nonviolent overthrow of America–first her culture, and later her government.

    As David Kupelian explains in his book, The Snapping of the American Mind:

    “Marxists today embrace an entirely new view of Marxism–hence the terms “neo–Marxism” and “cultural Marxism”–while the core principles remain the same: the acquisition and radical redistribution of wealth and power (and on a deeper level, a radical rebellion against God, in order to play god).”"

    And this new Marxism was injected into the cultural bloodstream of America’s baby boomers.

    The Devil's Pleasure Palace and How America Fell Victim to Marxist Progressive Ideas »
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    The more I read articles like this and recently "We Must Rightly Discern 21st Century America By James Wesley Rawles" posted by @john316 , the more I realize that the nation is beyond recovering - no matter how much flag waving and chest beating and more importantly, how much we want it so. It has just gone too far and it's anybody's guess when it will occur, only a matter of time. It might be fast or it might be slow (which is happening now) or in jumps but it will occur. I think we came very close this past presidential election which I freely admit scared the hell out of me. Anyway... I thank you both, @john316 and @OldDude49 for helping to keep me informed. Thank you.
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    When I read the header for the OP I thought there was a new brothel opening in Pahrump:D
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    The leftists are attempting a complete shutdown of any opposition and they've added (increased) violence to their tactics. I can only see things escalating, but I think they're about to wake a sleeping tiger. Folks will only take so much pushing.

    With the attempts to nullify the 2016 election it may happen sooner rather than later. Trump was elected for a reason.
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