The great silence

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    The great silence

    The things we don't talk about
    fester, metastasize and kill us

    By John Kaminski


    Hold on tight. You're in the bardo, baby. You thought you were alive. Read the Book of the Dead. We are them. This is something you ought to know. Don't hand over your soul for magic potions and empty promises. One way or the other, your soul will be consumed. Make it a happy occasion. Do the work, and reap the rewards.
    — Johnny Barzakh, The Narrator

    Officially, you don't hear a word about it. Inside your own brain, however, it sits there like a lump of burning coal, because you already know the answer, even though it is extremely likely that in certain circumstances you pretend you don't.

    Something is wrong with what we are hearing from our politicians, our media, our preachers and our teachers. All of them have tailored their monologues by deliberately and consistently ignoring certain subjects, and by promoting dubious others.

    Here sits the cognitive dissonance that paralyzes every single person in the world. Do I advocate for what is right even though I know in this world, the way it's set up, I will be sorely penalized for it? Or do I take the payoff to keep quiet about things that don't hinder me directly but sure have a negative effect on others mostly in faraway places? We know from the perpetual injustice that most people choose the latter.

    Happy Americans have always averted their gaze from the nasty things that were done in their name because the high standard of living enabled them to wall themselves into their own existences without much examining the foundational facts of their prosperity. It is a supreme metaphorical irony that the supposedly greatest nation ever seen on this planet wiped out the existing population with the diseases it brought, and has continued this fatal plague of expedient capitalism throughout the world down to this very day.

    But let’s get to the point that matters.

    The dividing line between them and us is this.

    If you understand that the official 9/11 story is a hoax, you're one of us — compassionate, respectful and honest humans who only wish to live in truthful peace. If you still insist the United States of America is an honest country and that 9/11 was done by nefarious Arab terrorists whom somehow we could never quite capture (or even accurately identify), then you're one of them — a perverted predator patrician wannabe who is willing to kill for money and lie about it. It's that simple.

    When we allow arguably the most heinous mass murderers in human history to continue their gory practices unresisted, we know for sure that we as a nation are spiritually dead. And we should realize that in the eyes of the rest of the world, we are the new Nazi terror mongers deserving of the end of a rope just like they got.

    Thus here, sitting squarely before us, looms the battlement of the new revolution. Those who question vs. those who cover up. As a line of demarcation, it is simple and clear. Those who insist Arab hijackers knocked down the Twin Towers are doing the work of Planet Earth's slaveowners. Passionate evangelicals are absolutely right when they call it the Synagogue of Satan. One need only look at its nefarious and coercive influences on society to realize the direct link between this philosophy and the destruction of our planet.

    Take your seat and place your bet (something all humans are obliged to do). Which will prevail? The predator society of which you are an ever-diminishing part if you can steer clear of an occasional government-sponsored shoot-em-up at your local school? Or the human spirit, forthright, sincere and honest (think of the way you would talk to your mother), which always, as a matter of fact, expects love and respect to prevail.

    It is reasonable to expect that in the very near future humanity will face a challenge unique in all our history, where we must present a collective face to the universe to prove that we are reasonable beings. The picture from this perspective today does not indicate the triumph of reason. Rather, the collective personality of the human species is twisted into grotesque fetishes. People worship death around their necks without analyzing their pagan traditions of cannibalism and child sacrifice. We're just now learning this format guaranteed endless wars, in fact, they are a template for endless wars. So now we know a certain group has pulled the strings for hundreds if not thousands of years to get us lemmings properly oriented for the bad jobs they make for us. Like making weapons.

    We can have a decent society. The cancer that controls the world's money is the chief obstacle to peace in the world. The world is too important to be left to the bankers. If the marketplace were somehow honest (though perhaps it can never be), if education were proactive and aimed at exploration rather than exploitation, if people simply kept their words ... is this a world that cannot be?

    And yet, this is the bet.

    The fact that this has never in human history been done is no reason not to continue to aim for it. The main thing humans have never realized in their shortsighted fear and lack of faith is that the gift returns to the giver, which is how we've gotten this far. This information is being erased by modern fragmentation culture.

    In this gap between spin and substance, the future of human existence hangs in the balance.

    You can't find a single American national politician who is willing to discuss 9/11. They all cringe in the shadow of knowing 9/11 was most definitely an inside job, a blood sacrifice to the financial power of Israel that temporarily rescued the American economy. In the same way that the destruction of the USS Liberty in 1967 showed the Israelis that Lyndon Johnson was in their pocket, the demolition of the World Trade Center was not only a blatant Jewish robbery of $7 billion in fast insurance money, but also carte blanche for the United States to shoot up all of Israel's enemies (which is everyone) throughout the Middle East in an ad infinitum endless war! These people all need to be jail, needless to say.

    I bet you haven't heard that line on television lately. The minds of the masses are totally controlled. The media that controls the masses is virtually 100 percent Jewish owned, and HAS BEEN THROUGHOUT THE 20TH CENTURY!

    Is it too late? You tell me.

    Or has the Great Silence grabbed you, too. Is your portfolio or pocketbook simply too big to jeopardize with such rash assertions?

    Do you realize that thousands of people need to be in jail on charges of treason, mass murder and obstruction of justice?

    Don't you understand that Jewish financial hegemony and absolute control of all the media you input into your own brain will turn the entire world into what Iraq looks like today?
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    Interesting reading until he ratcheted up the anti -semitism..The stereotyping of one ethnic group as "the problem" is illogical, immoral,dangerous, and is an automatic sour stomach and turn off for me. It discredits all his previous peace an justice comments.

    ****[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]You may not hide from this. The gap between what they say is true and[/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]what actually is true is widening. Exacerbated by mood altering chemicals dispensed by secret government program aircraft all over the known world. Secret ingredients have been inserted into the food supply, with no government oversight that hasn't been bought by all the same people.****(kaminski )[/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] ?
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
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    Go ahead and call me "a perverted predator patrician wannabe who is willing to kill for money and lie about it," but Arabs with a fundamentalist agenda knocked over the Twin Towers, and blaming the Jews of the world for it is disingenuous.
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    I just don't buy the arguement either. The author has been hanging out in the beer tent while whittling the cedars of lebanon into Hassan Rockets while smoking a joint laced with acid.

    CRACK POT AUTHOR in my humble opinion.
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    We might take up a collection and send him a tin foil hat. Off the wall -- ??
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    Man, that was absolutely amazing until the Jews were blamed for everything. I think that this author is exactly correct until that point. If he only did a little more research he would find that it isn't all about Israel and Jews. Most of the elite banking cartels aren't even Jewish, and the media isn't anywhere near 100% controlled by Jews.

    It's about world domination, the ageless quest of the few over the many. Some say that there will be sunshine after the storm, and others conclude that there will only be perpetual darkness. Either way, it appears like only time will tell.
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