the 'guest house'

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    Spent a day or so on this about a year and a half ago then never got back to it. Finaly went back today and did a bit more work on the 'guest house'. Got it all 'framed' in now and just have to get some canvas or tarp and cover it in. Started it just to see how long it would take and how much work and figure if I hit it seriously and had something for the covering and a couple rolls of twine I could do it up myself in about 2 full days.

    Its about 12' across and 6'5" tall. The second pic is about the best view you can get of it from 20 yards or so away, the others are about 5 steps away from the entrance. I had kind of thought about trying to thatch it but would like to be able to have a fire pit inside and while you CAN have a fire inside a thatched hut it would make me a bit to nervous if didnt absolutely have to so going to use tarp or maybe a drop cloth, probably tarp from billboards though just cause I have them andthey're heavey.
    Photo-0048. Photo-0049. Photo-0050.
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    COOL MM,
    Great job! That's one (of many) thing I need to work on.
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