The Hard Truth About National Socialists

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    The neo-Nazi and neo-Confederate groups who took to Charlottesville to rally were not conservatives, nor Republicans, nor Right, and their fight with Antifa was a battle of leftists against leftists, according to Jeffrey Lord of The American Spectator.

    The media has tried hard to portray the hate groups that rallied in Charlottesville as “the Right,” but in truth, they are far from it.

    A brief study of history reveals the Democratic Party’s historical ties to pro-slavery Confederates and the KKK.

    So why are modern Confederate sympathizers and Nazis portrayed by the media as “the Right?”

    Nazis were, after all, national socialists, not conservatives.

    Jeffrey Lord, a writer for The American Spectator, explains how the media gets it wrong, perhaps on purpose, to portray these leftist groups as “the Right.”

    From The American Spectator:

    Let’s turn to economist Ludwig von Mises and his classic text from the Austrian School of Economics: Socialism. The first edition of the book refuting “virtually every form of socialism ever devised” appeared in 1922, and as another famed economist, F.A. Hayek, would write in his foreword to the book: “When Socialism first appeared in 1922, its impact was profound. It gradually but fundamentally altered the outlook of many of the young idealists returning to their university studies after World War I. I know, for I was one of them.”

    Twenty-five years later von Mises updated the book with an epilogue, which took on Nazis, Fascists and Communists in the aftermath of World War II.

    Lord quotes von Mises extensively:

    It is important to realize that Fascism and Nazism were socialist dictatorships. The communists, both the registered members of the communist parties and the fellow-travelers, stigmatize Fascism and Nazism as the highest and last and most depraved stage of capitalism. This is in perfect agreement with their habit of calling every party which does not unconditionally surrender to the dictates of Moscow — even the German Social Democrats, the classical party of Marxism — hirelings of capitalism.

    It is of much greater consequence that the communists have succeeded in changing the semantic connotation of Fascism. Fascism…was a variety of Italian socialism.…
    Dictatorship and violent oppression of all dissenters are today exclusively socialist institutions.

    The philosophy of the Nazis, the German National Socialist Labor Party, is the purest and most consistent manifestation of the anti-capitalistic and socialist spirit of our age.…
    The slogan into which the Nazis condensed their economic philosophy, viz., Gemeinutz geht vor Eigennutz (i.e., the commonweal ranks above private profit), is likewise the idea underlying the American New Deal and the Soviet management of economic affairs. It implies that profit-seeking business harms the vital interests of the immense majority, and that it is the sacred duty of popular government to prevent the emergence of profits by public control of production and distribution.…

    For more than seventy years the German professors of political science, history, law, geography and philosophy eagerly imbued their disciples with a hysterical hatred of capitalism, and preached the war of “liberation” against the capitalistic West. The German “socialists of the chair,” much admired in all foreign countries, were the pacemakers of the two World Wars. At the turn of the century the immense majority of Germans were already radical supporters of socialism and aggressive nationalism. They were then already firmly committed to the principles of Naziism. What was lacking and was added later was only a new term to signify their doctrine.

    When the Soviet policies of mass extermination of all dissenters and of ruthless violence removed the inhibitions against wholesale murder, which still troubled some of the Germans, nothing could any longer stop the advance of Naziism. The Nazis were quick to adopt the Soviet methods. They imported from Russia: the one-party system and the pre-eminence of this party in political life; the paramount position assigned to the secret police; the concentration camps, the administrative execution or imprisonment of all opponents; the extermination of the families of suspects and of exiles; the methods of propaganda; the organization of affiliated parties abroad and their employment for fighting their domestic governments and espionage and sabotage; the use of the diplomatic and consular service for fomenting revolution; and many other things besides. There were nowhere more docile disciples of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin than the Nazis were.

    The Nazi’s application of socialist doctrine was at the core of their takeover, war, and Holocaust, which used nationalism and racism to rally support for the fundamentally socialist doctrine.

    Lord goes on to quote Charlottesville rally-goers such as organizer Jason Kessler who believes that “our entire country would be better off if the South had won the Civil War” and Nationalist Front founder, Matthew Heimbach, who says “Globalism is the enemy of all of us. And the Jewish oligarchs and the capitalists and the bankers want to enslave the entire world.”

    Kessler and Heimbach are not conservatives. Heimbach is a nationalist, capitalism-hating, socialist. The only thing that really separates him from his Antifa rivals is his white supremacist beliefs. Kessler, 152 years after the end of the Civil War, is still a traitor to the Republican Union who continues to side with the nineteenth century’s Democratic, pro-slavery South.

    The American Spectator continues:

    Message to the mainstream media? No, Nazis, Neo-Nazis and fascists are not “the Right.” They are not about principles of freedom, liberty, limited government, and the civic society. They are about race, the glorification of The State, and hating capitalism.

    Which is to say, Nazis, Neo-Nazis, fascists and yes, the Ku Klux Klan — the latter identified by Columbia University historian Eric Foner, as “a military force serving the interests of the Democratic Party” and by University of North Carolina historian Allen Trelease’s description of the Klan as the “terrorist arm of the Democratic Party” — are, yes, the Left.

    Has Jeffrey Lord finally put the myth of the autocratic, supremacist “Right” to bed?

    The Hard Truth About Nazis They Don't Teach in Public Schools
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    If ya go back and look at Germany in the late 1930's you will see a parallel...

    get so tired of the left n right crap... the Constitutional form of Gov we have is further right then either of those claimed...

    on a straightline political scale... full control is furthest left and complete chaos is furthest right...

    the left and right B.S. the media talks about are both further to the left and closer together then what we have... or had?

    someone started that B.S years ago.. it was inaccurate then and is inaccurate now... no change occurred...

    except perhaps peoples perception of what is true...
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    Good article, but as we know, merely debunking a popular misconception doesn't change the philosophy of the True Believers. Whether politics, junk science or social engineering, the adherents will retain their screwy beliefs.
    Truly, "useful idiots".
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    The Nazis are to the right - of Communists, and not by very much. The OP was right, this is a war of left against left. IMO the only difference between the Nazis and Communists of Russia was that the Nazis were nationalists and the Communists were globalists. They both wanted absolute power and were willing to kill anyone that stood in their way. The left has a way of misusing words to describe themselves: Democrat has nothing to do with democracy, Liberal has nothing to do with classical liberalism and Progressive certainly isn't for progress unless it's for them gaining absolute power. I dare say that today's Republicans are further to the left than yesterday's Democrats of the John Kennedy era is some aspects though Woodrow Wilson and FDR were of the fascist bent. Unfortunately the sheeple don't know any of this and probably don't care. How to purge this rot from within is the Gordian knot and I wonder what (or who) the "Alexander" will be. I fear this Republic will end with a whimper and not be rejuvenated with a bang.
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