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    Not my video but as it was today, feet away from 4 P-51's as they taxied out and took off 2 a breast.
    All told there were 26 P-51's, 2 B-17's, 1 B-29, 1 B-24, half a dozen B-25's and scores of other WW 2 warbirds.

    Nothing like a Rolls Royce Merlin engine.

    Great time.

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    Nice @stg58!! The old planes are awesome and I look forward to them anytime I get a chance. We have a few Bi-planes that buzz the area every now and then which brings a smile. We have the Seafair airshow going on around here this weekend, a Seattle tradition. To bad the Blue Angles are cancelled due to sequestration games!!.
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    I used to attend the whole week at Oshkosh every year for about 10 years straight. Haven't been in a while. Grand time that everyone who has even a modest interest in aviation should do at least once for atleast 2-3 days. One can see and sometimes meet many of the legends there. There will be 12,000-14,000 planes parked right there on the field and you can look at virtually all of them up close. And some of the hundreds of different age and models are near extinction or one of a kind and one should see them while you can.

  4. stg58

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    Walking out in the back yard and hearing Merlin engines and knowing they are a P-51 or Spits then looking up at a pair of P-51's passing over.

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    Oh. My. God. [OO]

    My greatest fantasy is willing powerball buying a P-51 and learning to fly. [coo]

    (I'd settle for a piper cub)

    I need a ciggarette. Thank you !
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    I met Burt Rutan at Oshkosh back in the mid 90's. Just a couple of years before he built the Spaceship One and won the X Prize. Cool guy.

    I miss the days of a day long cross country trek to get to Oshkosh or Sun and Fun in Lakeland Fl, and camping out under the wing of an old rag-and-tube Piper (TriPacer) for a week. Good times.
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    I hear you there. I did Sun-n-fun too for a number of years. Have a number of highlights in my S-n-F and Oshkosh experiences but the top five in no particular order include:
    - Seeing all the living Apollo astronauts talk in maybe 1995 for several hours about the quest for the moon.
    - Flying in the airshows at Sun-n-fun in the mid 90s.
    - Flying hang gliding tow demos on Oshkosh's main 18-36 runway as the pre-opener to the airshow while airplanes were departing below me.
    - Standing on the side of the runway chatting with the air traffic controller for two hours as he gave landing clearances on runway 18. He identified every plane by model and color had them acknowledge only by wagging their wings and then directing them in to 18 right or 18 left.
    - Meeting dozens of good folks (some well known) in the ultralight and sport aviation industries including a number of FAA officials, working with and getting to know a fair number of them rather well.

    Some events in life with my daughter ripped me away from that world and I do miss it.
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    Boing! S'why I have been playing War Thunder so much...I love prop aircraft!

    War Thunder - free combat MMO game | MAIN PAGE

    The way I understand it, the game will even run on mid range PC's fairly well. My current gaming rig is extreme overkill though sooooo....


    Lol speaking of which I'm off to fly a quick sortie before I hit the bed!
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