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    So many things in this....

    In the face of *overwhelming* evidence that book science may not play out in reality, they still hang on kicking and screaming to their liberal theories. Moreover, I'd like to see the "evidence" she refers to that Keynesian economics works. Of everything that I've read, the times it has been tried, it has failed miserably. Only a frikken fool would think that you can get your way out of debt by spending.

    Why did the "stimulus" not work? "Oh, it should've been even bigger." No matter what, they'll never admit that govt IS the problem.
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    I got a "404" error trying to go to the link.......

    But if she's like most Liberal Apologists and Supporters, she has probably bathed in the Koolade. There is no arguing with her or changing her mind. Meh...... she's a sheep. Let her get sheared when TSHTF...... :rolleyes:
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    I see what happened....that link has the word "fuc*ed" in it, and the software converts it to "****ed".

    Change it on the 404 page and you'll be able to read. I don't know why the Daily Caller left that in there....gratuitous if you ask me.
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    the liberal mind is just flooded with cool aid and only believes what it wonts to believe reguardless of logic, reality and truth.... thats why the sheeple love and believe cnn to be the truth and only the truth... baaaaaaaa
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    Mikey Moore is so last week's dead fish - render him down for oil......... [stirpot]

    This fat barstage lost all credibility long ago.
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    This is a really good read and shows why libtards and conservatives will never see eye-to-eye and you can use all available logic, facts, statistics and you will still never convince them that conservatism is the path to happiness and prosperity.

    Our two value systems are completely different. The key for the libtard is that utopia is worth whatever price has to be paid to get there. They never will accept the fact that utopia cannot be achieved.

    Why Liberals Really Hate The Ten Commandments | Off The Grid News

    I've thought this for many years: most libtards are atheists because they believe themselves...their intellect to be superior to others who live under the moral constraints of a religion. Yet oddly enough, while spitting on Christianity at every opportunity, they always defend Islam not because they find it a better religion, but because it is at odds with Christianity.

    Disclaimer: I am a weak agnostic, but live as much as I can according to the 10 Commandments and Golden Rule. So, I'm not trying to push Christianity, but I found this explanation very illuminating.
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    Just another example of the liberal brain at work: foodstamps create jobs..(but, does it create wealth?)

    Obama Agriculture Secretary: Food Stamps Create Jobs |

    You'll also find throughout the news of the liberal saying that disasters (e.g., hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes) create jobs. But, to sustain these jobs, you have to keep having more and more disasters, OR, those people hired to solve a temporary problem will be out of work again. Just look at the ARRA funds.
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    It is so sad that people have been dumbed down so much that they will believe this BS. There needs to be a drastic change real fast or TSHTF to get things back in order.
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    As the so called "authorities" are "afraid" to react the mobs can do as they please.
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