The militia movement is growing.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by stg58, Apr 9, 2016.

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    Militia groups will Always be branded as right wing wacko Christian racist gun nuts by the clowns at the southern poverty law center.

    All in all the Indy Star piece is ok.
    Well Regulated: Inside an Indiana Militia
    David Nantz carefully pushed aside a grouping of bare branches at the tree line of Echo Lake Park, then stood still. He listened for movement, playing the role of the enemy attempting to infiltrate a base that had been forged by his men.

    It was Sunday, training day, and the Indiana Volunteer Militia, one of the largest militias in the state, was practicing how to set up a patrol base and establish perimeter security. Their mission was to fashion a few shelters and secure the base before Nantz made entry.

    In a real world scenario, Nantz said, when the grid goes down, you have to know how to protect yourself and your family.
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    But I'm not Christian. :D
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    Kant spale 2 gud eather. U dun gud in makin ur currectun. Me ey tipe with mi toes also.
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  4. Kingfish

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    I played the intruder many times . I was very good at killing them all. I even snuck up and an ambush acting as a flanker to a patrol.
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    Whether you are or not, Christians are good people; I admire them.

    The article mentioned Ferguson. They weren't militia; they were oath keepers and there is a quite a difference.

    If David Nantz pushed aside a bunch of bare branches; almost no security would have seen him.

    Good is they don't even know you where there.
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  7. chelloveck

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    As far as I can see, the SPLC "clowns" describe non government militias as a sub-set of "Anti-Government Groups" I am doubtful that there are many Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Scientologists, Sikhs, or Pastafarians as active members of US militia movement. I am also quite confident that there are some relatively sane, Christians among the militia multitudes to balance out the whacko ones.
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    My 6 years in the West Michigan Volunteers were some of the best years of my life. I got to meet and train with ex military guys who just could not let the oath go. They took an oath to defend the Country from all enemies and they took that oath seriously. We started every meeting with the pledge of allegiance and every member was grilled on facts about the constitution. There were zero wack jobs in our unit and I only met one out of hundreds of guys who talked a little crazy. They came from all walks of life. We had a Navy guy from New york. He was a Jew. There were a couple you could call scientologist types though I think they were just Agnostics or atheists . It didnt matter. The facts are that the United States Militia is legal and protected by U.S. code as two separate entities being Organized and unorganized. ANYONE AGED 17 TO 45 Is considered Militia or can be Militia . W e saw ourselves as nothing more than the last line of defense of the constitution.
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    Why militias are feared:

    Communication -- Organization -- Mobilization -- Force Multiplication -- Enemy Suppression

    Every government will fear a people who can cover all the bases.
    All the liberal crybaby talking point garbage is just a distraction from the truth.
    They are named racists because they are predominantly white, but their mission, their duty, their love of liberty, is what often unites them. If a single, hate-filled one of them exists, then in the mind of a socialist traitor --they must all be the same way. This is a fallacy and it is a lie. I, therefore propose an absolute which I believe to be absolutely necessary --that we must either accept the fact that power belongs in the hands of the people themselves, or the State to which they belong. This absolute does come with an extenuating clause; we accept the bad with the good.

    We have been warned about making decisions based on light and transient reasons.
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    Never knew that to come up when we were out doing our job.

    I do remember one event when we had all been knee deep in cold salt water for 12 hours and I mean Officers too.
    We left the base for a Brew or two, the first bar we got to told us "No Blacks", that was the night that place served all who entered, that or be demolished.
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