The Moron Brothers

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    Now that's a life!
  3. Seacowboys

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    Bug and I lived on a Shanty-boat for more than a decade; I gave it away last year to a school teacher with a little girl and a hard-luck story.
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    Cute boat! Looks like a transplanted English cottage.
  5. beast

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    now that looks like a really nice mobile home :)
  6. snowbyrd

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    This last summer we met the Moron Brothers at a blue grass festival. Nice folks, asked them about the boat and they said the fellow driving the boat is now dead. He was one of thier fathers. Uh, sorry don't remember his name.
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    Electric Fence<wbr>v=tj7Ae5FHwpg&feature=related
    Blue grass singer Mike Carr (Lardo) of the Moron Brothers sings and tells a touching story.<wbr>v=S05Y6D1DLLc&feature=related
    Poison Ivy<wbr>v=pbJQq1WDR7s&feature=related
    Trot Lines

    "Kentucky Afield" TV goes adrift on the Kentucky River this weekend, July 7 and 8, to show that with a trotline, you can do more fishing by 9 a.m. than most people do all day.
    We join "Lardo" of the Moron Brothers singing duo as he and Tim Farmer seek the secret to setting a trotline so that morning sets the hook on catfish.<wbr>v=5h2VrWDlmv8&feature=related
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