The perfect wine with the Thomas Jefferson episode of Legends and Lies

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AD1, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. AD1

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    image. just opened this bottle to watch the Legends and Lies episode profiling Thomas Jefferson.

    Appropriate dont cha think????
  2. Yard Dart

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    Well done sir!!!!
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  3. Dunerunner

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    Great series... Who makes the Cabernet?
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    So, was the wine any good? I am a wine snob after living abroad for so many years where I could get excellent wine really cheap so I am always on the look out for good wine. So, how was it?

    I am having a problem concerning Bill O'Reilly who wrote this I sort went off him after his rant about taking assault type firearms away after Orlando. I never expected him to turn on me but he did which reminded me that ALL the media are nothing more than bottom feeding, lying, talk-out-both-sides-their-mouth scum more concern with ratings and $$$ than freedom and justice. As such, I don't watch the dirt bag anymore nor read his books...
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  7. Tully Mars

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    Of course I get all excited to order some only to find out that they will not ship to Alabama-friggin figures..

    Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and if nothing else the label rates high on the cool factor;)
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  9. Dunerunner

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    I believe that is Abalama's issue, not the winery's...
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  10. AD1

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    From a Georga winery

    After visiting a winery in Georgia over Valentines weekend (2014) and checking on shipments to Alabama, it appears that many wineries still do not know that it is legal to ship wine to Alabama, they just have to send it to a State Store of the customer's choosing instead of the customer's residence. When I have visited wineries and mentioned that they can ship the orders with just the addition of one extra page of information, they have always been most receptive and shipping is no longer an issue. Below is some information that I hope will be useful to both the Chapter Members and representatives of wineries that are interested in shipping wine to Alabama for personal use

    First the facts:

    In early 2005, the Alabama ABC board revised its regulations and procedures to allow for the direct import of alcoholic beverages to residents of Alabama after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states could not discriminate against out-of-state wineries that wanted to ship wine directly to consumers. Originally, in Alabama, a form had to be faxed from the Montgomery office of the ABC Board to the consumer who would then forward this to the winery. This quickly became so cumbersome for the state that they eventually made the form available online for the consumer to fill out. The form is for table wine (wine with alcohol content of 24 % or less). To purchase other alcohol that is not available inside Alabama, the consumer will need to visit a State Store and have them order it.
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  11. Tully Mars

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    WOOHOO!! FRIGGIN SCORED two bottles this afternoon at a Sam's Club near B-Ham.
    Picked up one of each, the Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. They are chilling as I type. Will try them tomorrow.
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  12. Tackleberry

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    Actually, I prefer Yellow Tail Red Roo....but to each their own.
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  13. Tully Mars

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    While I liked both fairly well, The Zin was the best in my opinion. Typing this after consuming 1/2 the bottle of Zin...[booze]
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