the REAL reason the economy is in the toilet

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, Jun 13, 2012.

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    I feel like such an idiot...all this time, I thought it was all of the stupid POLICIES the Kenyan has shoved down our throats. That's it, from now on, I'm going to quit thinking and get my news from The Daily Show.

    Did Republicans deliberately crash the US economy? | Michael Cohen | Comment is free |


    If there are any libtards out there who actually buy this load of BS, then they are truly incapable of thinking for themselves and rely heavily on emotion to guide their version of reality.
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    I thought the reason were are going down the toilet was pretty much because we owe so much to other countries especially China lol economically we are not okay, if China wanted war and wanted to seize land in America in place of the 'money' they could... easily. and it's because of our government and what "we" as the people let happen. It just doesn't make much sense to me to allow our so called 'democratic' country when really the whole time since the bull lies have been going on. In reality tho it's always happened and even in many other countries as well.... it's a bummer
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    If it was easy to invade they would.

    Wars are fought over economics, even land grabs are a type of economics.

    China has more problems than they can control now.


    With what?

    No carriers, no assult ships, no Navy.

    Ever been to Free China?
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    China is now beginning to build a Carrier Battle Group, based upon the ex-Russian carrier they bought a couple years back. They plan to have several,complete with supporting ships - destroyers, cruisers, etc. Of course this will take time - 15 or 20 years maybe? They need to train the crews and build their supply logiistics systems too.
    I see China as doing right now what Imperial Japan did in the 1920s and 1930s - working towards owning the entire Pacific AO. I guess that'll be WWIV by the time it comes.

    As to these Democraps - just 'sour grapes'. Their Magic Negro is losing ground, not because of anti-obummer sentiments among the Groady Old Men, but because of the First Illegal Alien's total disregard for Constitutionality and the realities of life, his attempt to extort ever more control and money from the American citizen. I shun both Parties, but the Demonazis are far and away the worst of the two.
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    I am aware of the scrap heap purchased by China.

    Out of date, poorly designed and discarded by Russia.

    Never commisioned, sold for scrap.

    China Acquires Russian Aircfraft Carrier Varyag - Pakistani Defence Forum

    "But naval analysts point out that buying an aircraft carrier is all very well but learning to operate it effectively may take several years."
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    The good thing is, China will pour a lot of their resources and capital into the project, at a time when they too are facing economic hardship. That's part of why the Soviet Union went under - trying to keep up with us militarily. Now most of Russia's old naval fleet is rusting in their harbors. Maybe the same will happen to China.....?
    I am reminded of China's "Star Fleet" of the 14th/15th century, well before Columbus, that journeyed over the known world of the time, recieving tribute from the Eastern nations, and linking China in trade with them. Some have sugested 'evidence' they may have reached the New World.
    Then the far-thinking Emporer died, and his successor totally disbanded the fleet and began China's long policyof isolationism.
    China may be biting off more than it can chew. Maybe, if we can stave off the economic ruin that seems to be looming, we can beat them economically too? Or perhaps just wishful thinking.
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    Nope sure haven't, but I know that there army is much more in numbers then ours and that's for sure. Its the cold truth. Even Russia is wanting to plan war against us.. check this out-RUSSIA THREATENS AMERICA SO SECY CLINTON TAKES THE CASE TO THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE & PUTIN BLAMES HILLARY - YouTube Russia threatens pre-emptive strike on Nato missile defence shield - YouTube
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    "Even Russia is wanting to plan war against us.."

    Crawfishin a bit there aren't you!

    All countries have plans to invade or protect against invasion, it's what keeps the Generals busy at the "O" club.

    Like I said, if it was easy even France could invade the US.

    I'm done with this, no intel, just a time waster.
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    He guys wait didn't yall see our Commader and Chief on the news the past couple of days. He said that everything was fine and as long as we didn't hang around with Europe who is causing all this trouble. Our economy is fine I don't think he would make it up do you[bow]? He basicly said that this was all a smoke screen of B/S caused by the republican and Europe.

    Something else and I still don't understand it. He said that the civilan economy and job market is fine. It is the Goverment economy and job market that is having problems. I thought we had only one job market and economy maybe 2 a real one and the one they lie about. I don't know Im probally a little slow because I can not figure out how you can seperate the civilan economy and the goverment economy and if one crashes the other stands.
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    As they took over in 2007, the economy couldn't afford what the democrats spent.
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    Believe me, it is not just Europe that has problems, it is every damn country on the Earth. That being said, the high authorities of government never, if rarely tell the whole story and we can see the simple stuff that happens on the news, it is not hard to see if eyes are wide open. We have to look at what is right in front of us. Intel does not tell anything of much importance just of the problem and not how to fix it. In my view of the government; I want to know how their going to fix it instead of simply telling me of the problem. Even when they try and fix it it makes another problem on top of even another. When direct statements are given to a country from another country, it is clear they are serious. Half the time any authority will lay down the lies so you can continue what your doing. An example of these authorities are police, the congress, the "good" talk of the senates or president, and even us ourselves who live in denial of what is clearly happening in front of us. Our marines, airforce, rangers, troops, bombs, explosives, etc, are being used for the governments and the governments alone and nothing has changed since the damn civil war- truth is that it isn't going to change. We and many other countries are at this point where we have corrupted ourselves deeper and deeper in no progress. I don't care what you have heard or not heard, standing for something that isn't even true, or what dream you have for something, it is worthless if you build where you will surely sink and fall. There is only one thing we as people can do and that is come to a point of realization and stop building these towers that are worthless. Any country can not easily attack any country simply because it would be downright stupid and ignorant. Reason is that if you have ever noticed, the U.S congress is who sends our friends and family or people you never knew into war to die so they can make an easy buck- simplest way to put it and that's that. I guarantee that there is no solid reason to constantly send troops into the middle-east continuously, as they are now. I know one reason is for oil, maybe the "Intel" should of thought about that first before going into their country for at least the past 5-10 years. Even though the list can go on I am only going to mention the first thing that is wrong with U.S government, and that is lies. How many more times are they going to lie with unsigned "good" talk promises? When will we stop standing for our country, when we know this is not the constitution that has been wrote and is not getting much attention? It is clear where I am going and I don't need to explain much more. Except that by the time you take to think about what I have said, the government is just one step closer and an hour nearer to what they have planned.
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