The Rise And Fall Of The SB-15 ‘Sig Brace’-The ATF giveth and the ATF taketh away

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    Interesting article on the clowns at the ATF.
    With barry mulling executive action on guns more reversals may be in the offing:(

    The Rise And Fall Of The SB-15 ‘Sig Brace’ | Hunting, Fishing and Shooting News on Grand View Outdoors

    ATF Says Shouldering SigTac Brace Illegal | Hunting, Fishing and Shooting News on Grand View Outdoors
    The ATF giveth and the ATF taketh away. That’s the moral of the story of the SB-15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace which launched a revolution in the AR-style pistol market that in less than one year has collapsed into uncertainty.
    Amid much skepticism at last year’s Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show, Sig Sauer promoted an invention that would within a short few months utterly transform a market that had remained on the fringes of the shooting public. With a seemingly minor ruling from the nation’s top firearms regulator to an obscure suburban Colorado police department, the new accessory proved the catalyst for an explosion in popularity of the AR-style pistol, giving once-reticent purchasers a new reason to consider the short-barreled oddity.

    But within less than a year — and after hundreds of blog posts, YouTube videos and letters to the agency questioning its use (or misuse) — the ATF reversed itself, turning some would-be users into potential felons and throwing the entire AR pistol market into disarray.

    This is the short and tortured story of the Sig Sauer SB-15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace, or “Sig Brace,” that at once launched a new industry in the AR market and called into question the Depression-era rules that govern firearms in a very different world.

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    I would like to see the ATF just go away, but I fear they just keep getting bigger and stronger....
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    Okay, so now the question is ....... is it legal to own a brace, and a AR pistol at the same time? I damn sure ain't going to just throw the brace away. WTF???
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    This seems to indicate a person is OK until a person is seen shouldering it.
    More Horse CRAP from the ATF.

    While the new ruling from ATF could change otherwise legal gun owners into felons overnight if they are arrested for shouldering what was for the past year a perfectly legal pistol, firearms law experts say the bureau’s logic is unlikely to stand up to any court challenge.

    The key, legal experts say, is that the ATF is essentially saying that by misusing something — putting an arm brace to your shoulder — the shooter is “redesigning” the item into something else.

    “If an individual builds an AR-type pistol using a SigTac SB-15 brace, uses it in the manner for which it were (sic) designed and then hands it to a friend who shoulders it, did the friend just ‘redesign’ the brace?” wonders Adam Kraut, a firearms lawyer with the Prince Law Offices in Pennsylvania. “According to this letter they just did. So is the firearm no longer a pistol and now a SBR?”

    “I don’t know of a single person who would think that “redesign” entails the misuse of an object,” Kraut adds. “If anything, I would venture to say it would require the individual to modify an existing object. If I were to use a screwdriver to pry open an object did I just redesign it? Is using a pencil to drum on the table redesigning it into a drum stick?”

    It is unclear how this ruling will affect the exploding AR pistol market, which has blossomed since the ATF’s March ruling saying shouldering the brace wasn’t illegal. Clearly many shooters are now at greater risk of arrest if they use their SB-15 brace for anything other than one-handed shooting.
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    Screw em. I took mine off. I have a bungee strap and a laser for close range so I can extend it and have the whole affair go rigid, light em up and squeeze. One dead zombie puff. for longer range will have to take cover and use CQB red dot reflex site. Brace can stay home.
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    Thanks for the info, I wondered how long the ATF would let this last.
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    A Always
    T Think
    F Forfeiture
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    B Bastages
    A Always
    T Taking
    F Firearm Rights
    E Every Chance they get
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