The SW-3B - QRP CW, 3 band

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    Hencho in China, $188 list price, ships from China. 3 band, 40/30/20M
    very small - about the same as the tint Mountain Topper (see below)


    band switching via small slide switches, no relays.

    Mt Topper:
    sadly, realy designed to run off a 9VDC battery.

    The Sw-3B has much the same operation as the now- no longer made MFJ-9200. The Sw3 is smaller than the 9200 and many will feel the band switching is a better setup.

    The SW-3B runs on DC up to 15VDC. and as low as 8. Power out is dependent on the input VDC. No internal tuner made for this.

    as a low cost alternative to the HB-Xx series or the HS-1B/MFJ-9200 - this looks to be the better choice.

    More than a few YT videos on line about this rig, so worth a look if you desire a small field radio - albeit CW TX only. Can Rx CW/SSB/AM - voice is slightly degraded due to narrower BW.
  2. DKR

    DKR Raconteur of the first stripe

    BTW - I would pick up one of the SW-3B, but I already have two of these
    w tuners
    Nice little rigs.
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