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    First thinking says the recent news points toward the elephants trying to co-op the Tea Party movement for their own purposes. Well, OK for them to try, but I'd rather see the Tea Partiers co-op the republicans from the inside rather than attempt starting up a third political party. There is some benefit to use of the existing "infrastructure" if you can call it that.
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    The tea party needs to be separate from both of the moronic parties we have. Thus capitalizing on how both the dems and repubs ran this country into the ground.
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    We voted the republicans out because of the damage they did to our Constitution and we are doing the same thing for the Democrats; neither seem capable of listening or learning. I think both parties should listen-up and join the Tea Party movement. I am as against one party as the other, both have let me down and damaged our Republic. Our movement is about correcting that damage and that knows no party affiliation.
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    Who was the "man" searching with a lantern, for an "honest" man?
    That's who I want..
    The rest pay lip service and all have an AGENDA it seems....
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    Tea Party

    I'm new to the forum and found this blog that caught my eye, me and a friend was talking about the same thing last week. So I hope me just jumping in don't offend any of you. I think the Tea Party has a hidden agenda and if not careful people will follow them down a road of no return. Then once the blind folds are taken off, it will be just as bad if not worse and too late to turn back. You know how these types of groups are they promise a better way of life, jobs and cheaper living. When the time comes they forget the promises to the common man. Just think once they have the position, the want for control comes next due to the fear of losing the power. It's all around one group wants to disarm honest, lawful citizens, while another group wants to let us keep our firearms, just raise the cost of ammo so we can't afford it. Then I heard that one of the groups wants us to file a report if you have so many rounds of ammo. No matter who it is or which group it is, Big Brother will always be watching and waiting for the chance to take total control. The thing that bothers me is how so many people go day after day blind to the plain view of our rights being taken and never say a word. When asked they say well it don't affect me.
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    WELCOME to the board ,you make some good points .
    Have you ever attended a TEA Party affair and if so did you talk to any of the members and get their take on what they wanted.
    I know a few of them and they are everything from Dr's to Honeydipper's ,
    Just wanting to get back to the Constitution and smaller gov.

    Now this just the way I see it ,I'm not a member of TEA Party but have talked with and like most of the people I met while I was at one of their events .
  8. Alpha Dog

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    I have spoke with a few and like you said they come from every walk of life and some of them are down to earth and share the same views that I do but others are just so tied up with themselves and you can tell that they are using the group to support another cause. I have woked around these type of people most of my carreer and just hate to see the common man like me and every other working citizen used.
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    I guess you found what I did then ,that no mater what people are still people and there are bad ones in a group wherever ya go.

    Now most of the ones I met are more to my liking and as always you'll the few that want what they want and nothing else will mater to them,but as a whole I'll have to give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong .
  10. beast

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    every place theres an opening for power
    some scum is waiting to take it
    and use it for himself
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  11. Alpha Dog

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    Tea Party

    Yes don't get wrong Im not saying the whole group is a bad thing. All Im saying is that I think that some of the group leaders are not being open with what goals they have. I just worry how its going to affect our future and the future of our children. Our nation is in is in a dark place right now and it wouldnt take alot to send us into a downward spiral.
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    As a Tea party member I can assure you that no one is promising instant Jobs or an easy time of it. Tea party lines are going cause grief for many people not instant buttermilk. To reverse some 30 years of bad policy is going to hurt during the process. I have not heard one Tea party candidate yet promise shangrila . Its all about shrinking the Federal government back to a manageable size . In my opinion it should fit under my Boot. Abolishing the Federal Reserve, returning to sound money, elimination of federal programs like the Department of Education, Homeland securityor like Ron Paul says shrink the intelligence programs down to one or two that share information because what we have now is joke. DHS, FBI, CIA, BATF, FDA,DArug enforcement etc etc etc. We have so many worthless departments eating tax dollars its insane. How about the one that studies warf rats? Entitlements are rampant and it has to stop.

    Both the Republican and Democratic parties are controlled by central banks, Wallstreet, Globalist one world order swine. Nope keep the Tea party pure, free, and for a Sovereign United States that bows to no one. Kingfish
  13. Alpha Dog

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    Tea Party

    I agree with under the boot and I wouldnt mind them under mine as long as I had a patch of grass to clean my boots. I also agree with cutting some of the funds back it really burns me to hear how much money we send to these other Countries and we have people living in boxes, children going hungry and people struggling all right here at home. I didnt meen to offend anyone with my post about the Tea Party. I was just speaking of the couple of times I was around them. Plus I just live in a area where our politians would make great used car dealers and any time a group like the Tea Party has something in this area they all run to it. Which gives them the ability to look as if they are backed by the group.
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    Well you said the Tea party has a hidden agenda. That,s not true. It is the Republicans and Democrats that have a common hidden agenda. The Tea parties agenda is real simple. Less government from top to bottom. More Liberty less intrusion.Lower taxes are the result of less government. I am a strict Constitution minded Libertarian/conservative. I despise the current Corporatist Republican party and the Socialist Democrat party. They have merged into a meld of communism and capitalism. A compromise of freedom and slavery where you vote for your oppressors. George Hegel wrote that to rule people , the people must welcome being ruled. Hence the creation of the nanny state. Capitalism is slowly being reserved for the top 2% of the most wealthy in the world. the rest are being pushed into becoming indentured servants or slaves. Im not sure which at this point.

    The Tea Party is the last gasp of constitution minded citizens who hold Liberty as the most important thing in their lives. What most people do not know is that the Tea Party was actually formed on a Georgia Militia message board several years before the media took hold of it. One of the Militia commanders siad quote" Lets start a group called The Empowered American" we can call it TEA for short. This Idea got taken from that board and spread to what it is today. The Tea party actually came from the old Patriot movement. Most of the old guard Militias called it a weak response to Liberal oppression . They have since changed their opinions on it and now embrace it as the best political outlet for the Idea of returning Federal Government to the constitutional confines stated within. This is why you have Ron and Rand Paul, Bachman and others who are pushing (or trying to push)the Federal government back into its corner where it belongs.

    The main problem is they dont have enough votes to really win so they end up causing gridlock and could be blamed for the collapse. It is a serious time in our history. Now more then any other time we need to stick together and let the evils reveal themselves. When they do an informed public will vote them out. I see more and more people looking for their own answers and that is good. This lessens the effect of propaganda . Kingfish
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    I think the Tea Party won't be a viable party for another 5-7 years at best.

    I still believe in the Tea Party. The numbers just don't support die-hard Tea Partiers being elected in enough numbers and into the right positions to make sweeping reform. Until that day, they should throw weight behind either party that will concede to what the Tea Party stands for. Generally, it will be the right, but on some issues, it will be left. This makes changes and ideals viable and ever-growing instead of the party burning out in a quick fury.

    Its a marathon, not a sprint. Vote your beliefs, not along party lines. Everything will work out if more people start voting that way.
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    I doubt America can take another round of the borrow and spend democrats. The TP is against what the democrats and RINOs have done to this nation which means I have a lot in common with them and nothing in common with the democrats.
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    I agree that people should vote their beliefs. That is exactly why I voted for Ron Paul . Ill vote for him again this year. KF
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