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    I wonder if he has changed out his Bernie yard sign for a HELLary sign yet..

    "The Constitution of the United States was written more than two and a quarter centuries ago when our country had a fraction of today’s population, when roads and communications were slow and inefficient, and when agriculture was the main occupation. Although the Constitution has served us reasonably well, a number of defects are now quite apparent."

    Gee I wonder who he is talking about?
    4. Prevent discrimination against any class of citizen.

    I believe in states rights but this is a show stopper.
    In no case should the capacity and power of armaments exceed that which can be reasonably expected for the activity involved.

    Arms: Individual states will have the obligation to determine if private citizens have the right to own arms. If that right is granted, the states will determine under what conditions and regulations arms will be governed. A citizen traveling in another state is subject to that state’s armament regulations. The purpose of a citizen owning arms is for protection, hunting, sports, etc. In no case should the capacity and power of armaments exceed that which can be reasonably expected for the activity involved.

    Existing amendments

    Amendments 2, 12, 18, 21 and 22 are no longer relevant. Remaining amendments will be edited and incorporated into the revised document.
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    BUNK! - The primary purpose of a citizen owning arms is to rein in a government gone astray.
    Additionally, the Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights, does not grant rights, but merely enumerates God given rights - birthrights if you will.
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    Another bunch of morons who don't understand that the Constitution does not grant rights to the people...change it all you want, dipsticks, it doesn't change the fact that I have an unalienable human right to keep and bear arms...and use them to prevent dipsticks from you from attempting to restrict them.
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    The commerce clause and the post civil war amendments effectively destroyed the powers of the states and allowed the massive federal government to do as it pleased and for the citizens of the some states to enforce their viewpoints on the other states. This effectively destroyed the grand compromise and transferred the power to the large states and the federal government. That and the direct election of the senate has resulted in the packing of the federal courts and the approval of all kinds of treaties and ignoring executive orders that bypass treaties.
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    Nice liberal fantasy that does nothing but prove then even otherwise well educated and successful people can be stupid as fvck.
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    Here's a new amendment for ya.

    "having been found in breach of this contract (Constitution), we the People do hereby repossess all federal government assets, including all arms and munitions, until such time as the federal government is once again operating under the terms of the contact."

    It's repo time, TURN EM IN, BARRY!
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    If they had their way this is all that would be allowed, with background check and permit.

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    That will never be allowed, it is a very well known military weapon of mass destruction and was used to kill tens of thousands if not millions, its use is shown in the Bible to be dangerous, can't have children going around killing soldiers you know, the projectiles are untraceable until we bar code every rock, and we will have to bar code every rope, string, shoelace etc in order to prevent illegal manufacture of the launchers and so we can track them to their manufacturer.
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    Additionally, a mental heath inquiry must be performed and included with a sworn affidavit indicating the impending need for such excessive force.
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    How about the amendment:
    From this day forward, any law proposed it limit any Right, shall be proposed with a noose round the sponser's own neck.
    In the event the bill fails, the noose is tightened. (It passes, or you do).
    There would be no more attacks on our Rights, unless it was by a mass majority of voters, in which case, the battle is already joined.
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