theory of open source warfare. (Global Guerrilles email)

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    Got this today as an email... put it here for the purpose of discussion and opinions... at this point I have no opinion...

    A point that may be worth considering is it appears someone has been looking at things formed an opinion...

    and come up with a response?

    how good or viable such a response would be or do is... ?

    The Trump's Insurgency portion is a good read!

    **** email is below ****

    I'm doing Reddit AMA on open source insurgency

    Posted: 11 Aug 2016 06:47 AM PDT

    I've been asked to do an AMA (ask me anything) with Reddit's largest group (200k members).


    Please join me in welcoming John Robb for an AMA this Friday, August 12th, at 7PM EST!

    John is an entrepreneur, defense and political expert who pioneered the theory of open source warfare. You can read much more on his blog, Global Guerrillas.

    And you can read John's bio here.

    Open source insurgencies are informal associations of many independent groups. Members work towards a “plausible promise” – a shared goal that is broad enough to interpret according to one's own needs.

    Global elites are hollowing out the nation-state, creating the vacuum in which open source insurgencies thrive.

    Why is this interesting for the election? Because Trump’s campaign is also an open source insurgency. This is the science behind meme magic, and it’s why the establishment is doing everything they can to stop it. But while these types of movements win, something more is needed to build - John is also an expert in decentralized, resilient economies. The type that can bring security and stability in an era of automation and institutional collapse.

    If you want to learn more about how Trump's campaign works and what it might mean for the future, you don't want to miss this AMA!

    Again, please join me - this Friday, August 12th, at 7PM EST!

    A few articles of interest - very much worth the read!

    Open Source Insurgency (the basics)

    Hollow State Politics

    Trump's Insurgency

    The American Autumn

    The Orlando Transcript and a Renewed Terrorist Threat
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    Interesting take on an old concept. Go back to an English colony in North America in the 1760's that is in the process of being centralized and expanded to include what we now call Canada. We usually call the expansion the French and Indian War and it lead to small groups in the colony desiring more control of their lives and through pamphlets, the tweets of the day, and committees of correspondence, the internet of the day, to call for more rights. These rights were to be based on the universal rights of man, which were undefined, and not the existing central government, the king etc. A small group with a little understood policy leading decentralized groups with many different goals, towards an end the small group wishes to occur. It lead to what we now call the USA.The process has many different names, the "*******" revolution. Insert desired name. American, French, Russian, Third Reich, Arab spring, orange, etc and may be state financed, to destabilize an "enemy" as in the arab spring, the color changes in the former russian states. It may also be based on religion as we have seen throughout history.
    Naming the concept isn't too important, the process and the actions that it leads to are and the results may not be pretty. Some examples, the Third Reich, the USSR, the Hundred Years War, the Ottoman Empire, have been disasters for most of the none elite participants.
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