There maybe a use for the "cloud" yet

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    Just put your camera where the bad guys can't steal it...
    Video: Burglars hit Palo Alto home as housecats look on

    A Palo Alto resident’s video surveillance system caught two burglars breaking into her home as her pet cats looked on.

    Police said they got a call about the burglary on the 1000 block of Tanland Drive at 6:42 p.m. Tuesday. The resident, a woman in her 40s who was at work during the incident, had a video camera perched by the stairs.

    The video shows one of the woman’s cats waiting nervously at the top of the steps as the door is about to pop open. The glowing eyes of a second cat is seen peering out of a darkened room. Once the men get the door open, the first cat darts into the same room.

    The two men forced entry with a crowbar, police said. Soon, one of them noticed the camera and ripped it off the wall.

    However, the video was being sent in real time to a cloud server, police said.

    The camera as well as jewelry and a laptop computer were stolen from the home, officials said. The two cats eventually ran away, but came back unharmed.

    Anyone who can identify the suspects is asked to call (650) 329-2413.

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    There are game cameras now, that record video, snapshots, and broadcast them live by WiFi.
    I have heard of one that will call you by cell, and download what it sees live, but I haven't seen that one.
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    I have a buddy that had a camera set up on the interior of his front door. It would email him a snap shot of any motion (someone walking into the doorway) to his cell phone. He was overseas on a flight mission and received a snap shot of his old lady and some guy coming through huggy kissy one night.... ooops. She did not know about the cameras ability to send out pic's :D

    Suffice to say.... a few weeks later they parted ways... trust... but verify. He had a suspicion.... and was sadly correct. [chopper]
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    What a Bitch.

    Good that he found out sooner than later. Poor guy - though I'm sure he's much better now![woot]
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