This might be in bad taste.....but

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    This might be in bad taste, but I just have to post it.


    2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies!!!!!

    The Phillies Unofficial Rally Cry

    One time!

    It's crazy to think that this joke between a few friends, originally as a t-shirt idea for the phillies games, turned into the huge internet buzz and fan-craze that it is now! The photo was made, put on some different places on the web, and within a day spread like wildfireall over the place from radiostations, to peoples cell phones. Below you'll find just some of the ridiculous things that have spawned since then.
    2008 World Champions!!!

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    Steve's Fans

    Right in the spotlight...

    [​IMG] "I did see a marquee on a bar and grill on the way home from church on Sunday. It said, "Do it for Steve Irwin, beat the Rays." I thought that was kind of funny....I still think they need to do a Steve Irwin Night at the Trop, complete with impaled Steve dolls in Yankees uniforms. Crikey!"
    "...where thousands of fans held "tailgate" parties and turned the air blue with anti-Tampa chants. One fan wore a T-shirt bearing the image of the late Steve Irwin, with the slogan: "Do it for Steve - beat the Rays." (from an Australian Magazine)
    "And here’s one more from the department of “Stay Classy, Philadelphia”: A fan on the scoreboard just held up a sign with a picture of Steve Irwin, who was killed by a stingray in a freak accident in 2006, and a ray crossed out. The sign simply read: “Do it for Steve!”
    "The lone dementedly Philly-style banner: "Do it for Steve Irwin, beat the Rays."
    "So, seeing as they(phillies) will most likely win tonight, this will be fun. But that aside he showed me a picture today... It was steve irwin, and it said "Let's do it for steve, beat the rays." How ****ing funny is that? I mean, it isn't too soon and its appropriate."
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    "I thought this was a bad Steve Irwin joke." - get ****ed, we all know you giggled like a bitch.
    "Only a paper run by a bunch of liberals would find humor in Steve Irwin's death. Why don't you hacks show pictures of an aborted fetus or maybe some 9/11 victims and ask the Phillies to win it for them too?"
    - hope you get hit by a septa bus full of knives.
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    Questionable, but I actually like the stadium picture. :)
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    Nah....this is in really bad taste...

    Coppertone has decided to discontinue their "Crocodile Hunter" line of sunscreen... apparently it doesn't block enough harmful rays.
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