Travelling via air with firearms.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by VisuTrac, Apr 5, 2011.

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    His website is found here, good stuff!

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    Was flying out of Atlanta several yrs ago and had forgotten my locks. Too late to purchase more and had to leave the firearms in my trunk for two weeks in the parking deck. No one knew they were there and we never took them out once I realized my error. Had been talking to a cyber bud for years and when in Phoenix he loaned me a pistol for the car trip back to NC. Nice to have friends like that. If you run into "Kregener" on MR you will have met a real stand up guy.
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    i flew for years in my old job and it was pretty easly once you figure out how the game is played at the airline companys ..

    the key was getting there early and going through the check in early enough to avoid getting the one person who did not know there own company firearms policys ..

    it was best to ask for there boss to meet you and then go from there ..

    the only i ever had a real hassle when flying was coming out of Atlanta after going to a two week course at the FLETC there in Ga ..

    i had made the mistake of not routeing myself back through Savannagh Ga and it was one of the one mistakes i learned about flying in and out of the area for training .

    i was comeing home where i meet a person who had no idea what there airline policy was and it was hassle for about ten mins to deal with her intill her boss came and explained to her the policy and yes they could fly with firearms in the cargo area of the plane

    allways carry the airline printed out policys with you when you fly and make sure that it is update
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    Since Flying is the MAJOR way to move around in my State, we just do NOT have the issues with non-informed Counter Folks....and you only have to deal with TSA ONCE before they get the picture, in this area. I have travel with firearms, in Alaska, for four decades, and up here it is the norm. Especially in the spring and fall..... YMMV....
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    I've flown numerous time over the years with firearms. Never had a single problem with counter peoples. All are knowledgeable and appear to have at least check a few guns. A TSA lady gave me the thumbs up on a firearm selection one time. I guess we had similar tastes.
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    Deviant is awesome, you should hear some of his stories.

    i have flown once so far. it was mostly painless (other than the baggage costs)
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