Trump’s Right – The System Is Rigged And We Don’t Owe It Our Default Acceptance

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    I think the article articulates things fairly well. Link at the end.

    No pearl went unclutched when Trump refused to agree in advance to validate the giant scam that is this election. Yeah, scam. In light of all we’ve seen during this stupidest of years, a year where I had to movemy book about this country tearing itself apart from the fiction section to nonfiction, how the hell can anyone keep a straight face as he, she, or xe demands that we default to trust the system?

    Okay, this is where Team Fake Pearl Clutch jumps in and whines about my “dangerous talk” and about how I have no “honor” because I won’t submit in advance to another establishment okie-doke. Yeah, sure, whatever – and the emperor caught pneumonia because the little kid pointed out that he wasn’t wearing any clothes, not because he was walking around with his junk in the wind.

    The system is manifestly rigged – even Heap Big Chief Warren used to say so until a memo informed her that this meme is now inconvenient – so spare me your sanctimonious crap about our sacred system. Our loyalty is properly only to the Constitution, not a perversion of it. Just because you hold office under Article I, II, or III doesn’t mean we still owe you respect or deference when you treat your obligations to the People like a teenage Thai boy at one of Raymond Burr’s Halloween parties.

    We owe the system nothing. Nada. Zip. Instead, the system owes us fairness and honesty, and without them it has no right to our default acceptance of its results. That acceptance must be earned. This means that the system must aggressively police its own integrity, and this year it has utterly failed to do so.

    The most important thing in a democratic republic, the keystone that holds it together and ensures the peaceful transition of power, is the ability for a loser to accept a loss. We used to be able to fight out our political differences and, if we came up short, shrug and say, “Well, next time we’ll convince a majority.” We could move on, confident that the playing field had been level, that we had been heard, and that we had lost fair and square.

    "Not anymore. Trump’s wrong about a lot, but he’s not wrong about this. He may very well lose, but it won’t be fair and square. And Trump is not the problem for saying so.

    In a sudden and shocking burst of coherence during the third debate, in which Trump put a cherry on top of his brutal trouncing of his Westworld-escapee opponent by refusing to agree to be scammed, The Donald articulated a three-point critique of the system that its defenders have not even tried to answer. Instead, all we got was fake outrage over Trump’s perfectly legitimate rejection of the default legitimacy of our illegitimate system.

    His first point was that the media is not merely biased but an active partisan player for the Democrats. The media ignores what hurts the left (remember the 24/7 coverage of Project Veritas? Good times) and plays up nonsense that helps it (remember the 24/7 coverage of Chubby de la Cartel Chica? Bueno times). The media, as it loves to crow, is a vital component of the system, but only when it at least pretends to be objective. By going full Goebbels – never go full Goebbels – it undercut and wrecked the foundational ability of all citizens to be heard and respected and to believe that they are competing on a level playing field. If you aren’t one of the mouth-breathing drool donors in love with Hillary, do you feel you’ve been heard or respected? Do you believe Trump has been able to compete on a level playing field?

    Then there is electoral integrity. We’ve seen numerous investigations of voter fraud and no one cares. We have one party refusing to clear voter rolls of ineligible voters, while also on a quest to ensure that no one need prove his identity to vote. Sure, Democrats have good reason to believe their voters are too lazy and/or stupid to obtain ID cards, but we all know why they really oppose voter ID: it makes it harder to cheat. And then there’s Project Veritas. We have a Democrat party operative and the husband of a sitting Democrat congressbeing caught on tape proving Democrat catspaws paid to cause violence at a Trump rally, violence which the media covered and blamed on Trump to damaging effect. And this guy went to the White House hundreds of times and frequently met with President Faily McWorsethancarter.

    Hey Pearl Clutchers, read that again and tell me how this isn’t a thousand times worse than Watergate. Then tell me how this is getting only a millionth of the outrage and coverage if the system isn’t rigged.

    So we’re supposed to take it on faith that the votes are going to be counted fairly? Uh huh, sure. If you think Trump is somehow morally obligated to preemptively give up his right to challenge the result after that, you can kiss his hanging chad.

    And then there’s the corruption of the rule of law. Trump was right – Hillary should not even be running because if we had a single justice system – instead of one for the powerful and connected and another for everyone else – her unhealthy carcass would be in federal prison. That’s not hyperbole – that’s literal truth understood by anyone who worked with classified materials and/or actually passed a bar exam. Then there is the IRS persecution of conservative organizations that has gone totally unpunished. And, of course, the Wikileaks treasure trove has shown that the Democrats simply ignore the law in their campaigns, secure in the knowledge that they will never be held accountable while their opponents will see a weaponized FBI and DOJ turned upon them.

    The system is rigged.

    It would be nice to be able to say, “Well, she won fair and square.” But that’s not going to happen. My gut says that a majority of people will vote for her, but I live in Los Angeles and a lot of people around here are libfascist half-wits, so maybe my perspective is skewed. Maybe the polls are right – you know, the super scientific ones putting the race somewhere between Felonia von Pantsuit up 12 and Trump up 3. But this election won’t be “fair” in any sense of the word. The media has put not just its thumb but its bloated behind on the scale. All of us have not been heard, much less been respected. How can we trust the votes will be counted fairly when clearly documented admissions of election tampering get a mere shrug if they aren’t ignored entirely?

    Sorry (not sorry), but like Trump, I refuse to be a good little boy and politely agree in advance to accept whatever the ruling class chooses to do without protest or complaint. You want us to respect and honor what you say are the results of the election? Start by respecting and honoring us.

    Is this dangerous talk? Hell yes – but the danger doesn’t come from us pointing out the corruption. The danger is the corruption. I walked through wrecked villages in the aftermath of a civil war, so I sure as hell don’t need your lessons about what lies at the bottom of the slippery slope your ruling class is tobogganing down. I know – and as my new book predicts, it’s really bad. But the solution isn’t to try to shut us up when we dare point out the truth – nor will it work. As the hep kids say, we are now hella woke. The solution is to demand the system do its damn job and root out corruption and earn back the default acceptance we would love nothing more than to be able to offer again, confident that the system is unrigged. Too bad if our refusal to simply acquiesce to your scam is inconvenient.

    Link: Trump’s Right – The System Is Rigged And We Don’t Owe It Our Default Acceptance
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    I was annoyed by that comment as well. Its very similar to the Republican candidates saying they will support the outcome of the primary. NOW many of them are not supporting Donald Trump? Those candidates lied, the head of the republican party lied and now the Bush's are backing Hitlery. Something is smelly in Washington.

    With this same comment, about supporting the outcome of the election, at least Trump says what he means, he didn't just lie and say he would support the outcome. I like that he isn't afraid to tell them what he thinks and he seems to stick with what he says.

    Trump is alot of things, crude, rude and pretty much socially unacceptable to a high degree, BUT what I like about the man is he says what he means, he doesn't double deal on words and he doesn't' back down from unpopular views. We have had Generals and other leaders that were crude like Trump but for my vote give me a candidate who says what he means and means what he says. I will support him or her any day regardless of their little personal foibles.

    In truth, Hitlery out debated Trump and she is so slick she never address a single one of her dishonesty issues, she just kept attacking Trump and laying lies on him by word smithing his speeches. I have no use for a person like her. Dishonest, slick, disgustingly articulate, and a cheat with no care for anyone but herself.
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    I liked his write-up especially the piece about 'Liberals may regret their new Rules." However, I think he is naïve when he says "The solution is to demand the system do its damn job and root out corruption and earn back the default acceptance..." No way. It will never happen. Only 19% of Americans trust our government and that number is going to get worse, a lot worst.

    He did get this right...and spot on: "Today in America, we have a liberal president refuses to recognize the majority sent to Congress as a reaction to his progressive failures, and who uses extra-Constitutional means like executive orders to stifle the voice of his opponents. We have a liberal establishment on a secular jihad against people who dare place their conscience ahead of progressive dogma. And we have two different sets of laws, one for the little people and one for liberals like Lois Lerner, Al Sharpton and Hillary Clinton, who can blatantly commit federal crimes and walk away scot free and smirking."
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    Maybe it's time to find my tinfoil hat, but I think November 8th is going to be the beginning of something.
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    I think you may be right.....4 years of post morta, and kibitzing on "how we wuz robbed".

    I think that the worst possible outcome might not be if Donald or Hillary become POTUS, but that Drumpf is inaugurated, and then gets whacked (by some bad hombre), consequently upsizing VP Mike Pence to President, as LBJ became President when JFK got whacked. :sick:
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    Two weeks until the saddest footnote in American history.
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    There will be one small bright side if Hillary wins (which is a big if because Trump is going to win). - we can make fun of the liberals and democrats for voting for a NEOCON!
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    More likely it will be the end of something big or the beginning of the end...
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