Truth is Hate to those who Hate the Truth

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Minuteman, Aug 7, 2016.

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    I can see the blathering heads in the media falling all over this one. The problem they have with Trump is he tells the truth and that is so foreign to them, so foreign for politics, that they recoil in horror at it.
    They did the same thing to Ron Paul when he ran. He wanted to pull all our troops out of these foreign countries, bring them home and put them on the border. And he wanted to end all aid, except humanitarian, to these countries around the world.
    We have troops and equipment stationed, permanently in something like 32 countries around the world for their defense. And for the most part they pay nothing for the service. We pay billions.
    When RP wanted to pull them out he was called an "isolationist".
    When he wanted to cut off aid to the dozens of countries we send billions of dollars to each year, many of which hate us, he was skewed by the media and other politicians.
    He was accused of being anti-Semitic because he would cut off aid to Israel. The PM of Israel came out and said they would be happy to give up the money they get from us if we cut off all the Arab countries too.

    Watch for the media to be indignant over this latest "contriversy".

    Trump: Japanese will 'watch Sony TV' if US is attacked
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    Makes too much sense for the snowflakes.
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  3. Oltymer

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    "Beware of the Military Industrial Complex", POTUS, D. Eisenhower.

    "War is a racket", Major General Smedley Butler.

    Any idea how much dough the MIC rolled in during the Cold War?

    Never mind that Social Security is broke, our country has been sold out to the highest bidder, the money is inflated, industry has fled to the 3rd world along with millions of manufacturing jobs, and on and on, but if you don't agree to buying more bullets and bombs the Boogey Man will crawl out from under the bed and get you!

    More bases, more troops, more war, as we have to have them to protect you. After all it is for your own good, and of course to preserve freedom and liberty at home and abroad - so back to work slave, and be sure and sing while you pick that cotton, "Swing low, sweet chariot, coming forth to carry me home"....
  4. Olympic mountain man

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    its time for the mountain man to get my a$$ up in the mountains and bunker down!!!! things are really going to get crazy in the next few months keep you head on a swivel have your bug out bags ready and an exit plan with a,b,c,d options and a family exit plan of where to meet and what to do if the time comes because it is coming and a lot sooner I think then later.
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    I really hope not Olympic but we are all planning for it just in case it does.
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  6. Kingfish

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    I just cut off all funds to the government. I shut down my company and am no longer paying any business taxes. I have no income , my wife is on social security disability . W e are now in non compliance mode . If Hillary is elected we will do everything in our power to stop anything she tries to accomplish.
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  7. Olympic mountain man

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    I have been ready for years. plan every day
  8. Caveman Jim

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    It makes sense for the people with common sense but the ones who are "special interest groups" it is like taking away their hard earned slush funds!!! These are the people who are the real domestic terrorists!!!
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    Whether Drumpf's ramblings last April, concerning American foreign policy administration represents much in the way of "truth" is arguable....his equivocation about America's possible stances on South Korea and Japan's defence is pretty unequivocable. [ROFL]

    A wise foreign policy with regards to the USA, is not to assume that the USA will necessarily do anything that is not in the USA's own domestic or foreign interests. If it wasn't in America's strategic military, and foreign policy interests to maintain bases in South Korea or Japan, it could have easily withdrawn those troops decades ago....

    The bases in South Korea and Japan exist as much for the foreign policy leverage that can be applied to governments in Seoul and Tokyo; and for whatever strategic value they may have for the USA than for South Korea's or Japan's sakes. As it is, the USA has started relocating some of its assets from Japan. The USA has, over the past couple of years approached Australia to base 2.5K US Marines near Darwin, in the prospect of drawing down troops from Okinawa. It has led to slight differences of opinion between Washington DC and Canberra as to how that would be rolled out, and who foots the bill. Apart from bar, brothel and gambling joint owners in Darwin, there's not a lot of enthusiasm for the arrangement. US and Australia in stalemate over NT defence bases

    Being a global super power comes at some cost....the USA can reduce some of those costs by withdrawing some of America's forces deployed around the world...however, in doing so, it reduces its capacity to project military power quickly, and support its global military operations on a continuing basis from outside of the US mainland. It is the kind of cleft stick that Rome found itself in when it overextended its capacity to hold what it had conquered. (granted, there were obviously other contributing factors to Rome's fall).
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    We have closed down a considerable number of bases overseas in the last 20 years. I also think we should close down more. Start with some of the ones in the middle east. I do disagree with your parallel between the us and ancient rome because we are not as much about holding territory. Power projection, yes. Governing the country we have bases in, no. Better parrallels can be made i think between the breads and circuses of late roman empire and the food stamps and sporting events of today. The gov is trying to keep the unwashed masses in check.
  11. chelloveck

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    Although not a close parallel...differences in military technology between then and now, being what they are...Roman's means of power projection were the Roman legions, with their supporting auxiliaries; and how far they could be supported logistically in keeping client states under some semblance of subservience, and the prosecution of punitive expeditions when neighbouring states were not meeting their obligations to Rome, or were being unacceptably noisome.

    The USA's policy of containment, of Russia, and China, et al, becomes difficult to achieve if all of the USA's military forces are based in Mainland USA and Hawaii, and such other US territories that it has. It's strategy of containment, can best be achieved by having bases, scattered strategically around the world, with sufficient troops and equipment in place to be able to respond quickly to any threat that is against US interests as it arises. The rub is, the extent of such deployment. Understandably, the USA wants to minimise some of these costs...which, at the end of the day, have to be covered by tax revenues, or by deficit budget borrowings. One of the ways is to get countries where American troops are based, to stump up the infrastructure and operating costs of American troops based in those countries....the other option is to get countries that have bases, to pour more money into their own defence, thus freeing up American troops to be drawn down, and sent home...or some combination of the two.

    I think Drumpf's posturing is just noise for US domestic consumption. The Japanese have been begging for US bases in Okinawa to be closed down for a long time...but USA is still tenaciously hanging on there. Outdated U.S. Military Bases in Japan

    If Drumpf is elected, we'll see if his actions match his "vote me into office" rhetoric...certainly if elected, his noisy, bold promises will hand him the mandate to put his bizarro programs of Mexican wall building and Muslim proofing the USA into effect.
  12. Yard Dart

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    Mmmmm love me a nice big wall.... and a Border Patrol that is allowed to perform its true function... protect us from those who are here illegal or wish to do us harm....especially the ones that want to do us harm!!! ;)
  13. Minuteman

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