UFO Discovered Collecting Energy Of Sun

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  1. Yard Dart

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    UFO discovered collecting energy of sun on NASA live feed - Honolulu exopolitics | Examiner.com

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  3. Dunerunner

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    Time travelers reducing the suns energy in an effort to avert the earths destruction from the sun going supernova in the year 2999. Y3K!!
  4. ghrit

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    One must wonder why use a spherical lens when aspherical would be so much more efficient -- [tf]

    (One might also guess that the smaller pic was taken as the sun moved behind the moon ---)
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  5. nkawtg

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    Good, I have some time then...
  6. Yard Dart

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    Much funner to talk about aliens sucking the energy out of our sun.... than talking about Ebola Marry and the crowd trying to suck the life out of us.... lol.
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  7. nkawtg

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  8. Mindgrinder

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    At 1:20 - UFOs during eclipse.

    I do wonder why the sun flares much heavier in all directions OTHER than Earth facing....
    No joke.
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  9. Gopherman

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    I've been watching all the Artifacts being discovered on Mars lately and it seems like the Gov. is getting ready to release some info. All the pic's released have been from NASA.
    They include what appears to be mechanical apertures, A giant carving of a statue into a mountainside, much like our own Rushmore, and all kinds of other stuff, reportedly Objects Of Interest of NASA themselves. This ought to be an interesting year coming up.
    The Vatican has Positioned itself to be the Body that would release this info to the world and there was a report done that the Last Pope that stepped down did so for the reason of an Alien Agenda by the Papacy.
    Former Pope warns of Vatican Alien Agenda
    Former Pope warns of Vatican Alien Agenda
    • Former pope Benedict XVI spread consternation in the catholic world this morning as he claimedthat a group of jesuits had infiltrated the Vatican and were pursuing what he called an alien agenda.
    In a press conference rebroadcasted live on FM german catholic radio station, Radio Horeb, the first pope to retire from his position in 598 years expressed his feelings of deception as “a sinister group of members of the Vatican are pushing on for the search for extra-terrestrial life” through their Lucifer 2 ( Hmmmmm)Large Binocular Telescope based at Vatican Observatory on Mt. Graham in Tucson, USA.

    “A sinister group of members of the Vatican are pushing on for the search for extra-terrestrial life”
    The Vatican made front news earlier this month when José Gabriel Funes, an Argentine Jesuit priest and astronomer, and the current director of the Vatican Observatory, sponsored a major conference in collaboration with NASA entitled The Search for Life Beyond the Solar System: Exoplanets, Biosignatures & Instruments and announced the purchase of a new 2 M$ lens for its Lucifer 2 Large Binocular Telescope.

    “Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God. This is not in contrast with our faith because we can’t put limits on God’s creative freedom. Why can’t we speak of a ‘brother extraterrestrial’? It would still be part of creation” answered Vatican Observatory director, José Gabriel Funes, when asked about the role of extra-terrestrial life in the catholic faith.

    - See more at: Former Pope warns of Vatican Alien Agenda
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  10. Motomom34

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    What were they? I thought it was an ant on the lens at first. My child says those things were asteroids. I love SO news cast.
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  11. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    I'll spare you the arithmetic, but earth occupies such a small area in the surface of the sphere centered on the sun that it would take a remarkable streak of bad luck for us to get hit often. And historically, we have been hit with CMEs and electromagnetic storms that have disrupted communications.
  12. kellory

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  13. Mindgrinder

    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja|RIP 12-25-2017

    By all means...have at'er...my math aint bad and I watch space weather news every single day....
    I see fairly large CMEs coming off the entering and departing limbs of the Earth facing disc and full "earth killers" off the back side when we're not in solar minimum....

    When I met Ben from The Mobile Observatory he spoke at some length how unusual it is for us to get hit so infrequently by x5-10's when all the other planets do....

    Main stream science is still taking baby steps here....they don't really know much and PLENTY is suppressed.

    Google "why does the earth receive so few solar flares" and you get frantic MSM news aboot the Sept 11ish 2014 dual flare that was nothin'.

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  14. Mindgrinder

    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja|RIP 12-25-2017

    Dunno what they were....tell yer kiddo I aint buying the asteroids argument....they seem to move in relation to each other....
    SO was 'ok' in person...a bit arrogant to some of the folks who came out to ask questions...
    To be expected I suppose...and not moreso than other high IQ people I've met in my life.
    (myself included)
    His wife was quite nice....but their dog wouldn't even be a snack for my cat...let alone my dog.
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  15. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    OK, if you have the time to play with numbers:
    1 - Calc the area of a projected circle of the earth. (NOT the area of the entire sphere.)
    2 - Calc the surface area of a sphere with radius of 93,000,000 miles.
    NB, we are neglecting high precision here. The intersection of two spheres of such dramatically different radii are reasonably presumed to be a flat surface. We are also neglecting any distortion from geomagnetic or electromagnetic influences. Also ignoring orbital eccentricities.
    3 - Take the ratio of the earth's surface to the surface of the sun's spherical surface, and convert to a percentage. (It ain't very large ---)

    Now, I think it is reasonable to assume that the sun's activity is nearly random, and while I ain't so sure it's true, it is also random in all directions. Following that reasoning, any activity on the sun will have about the same chance of impacting the earth as the ratio of surfaces. It makes no sense to me to see how any other planet gets hit any more frequently than earth.

    Betcha there's more knowledge out there than I have ---
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  16. Yard Dart

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    So for us mathematically challenged... what does your supposition purpose... we are toast soon or randomly... cosmologically speaking of course....
  17. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Maybe toast, and no way to know when. Or not.
  18. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    I feel so reassured at that......lack of confirmation..... of anything.....ohno
  19. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    I thought Ghrit was budda on the mountain.. with all the answers... ohhh the dismay.... ;)
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  20. ghrit

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    Ah, yes, grasshopper. Enlightenment comes --
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  21. Gopherman

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    Gravity and Electromagnetism are very unusual phenomena! When there are asteroids coming through our inner Solar System they caused the Sun to throw off powerful Flares and CME's (Coronal Mass Ejections, Large strings of supercharged Plasma) in the direction of the incoming object. I watch SOHO Channel everyday.
    These CME's sometimes hit the Earth such as was mentioned in the former post on the Carrington event.
    As far as whats going on around the sun I have observed and even documented very strange things, they always get met by trolls when I posted them on Youtube. There is a cover up going on at NASA as there is at just about every Gov. Org.!
    I will post this link, go there pick a camera that shows the sun, zoom in as far as your comp. will let you then start looking around the perimeter. Do this over the period of a month and you will see what I mean. There are objects orbiting the Sun that have no business being there!They defy logical explanation.
    If an Electromagnetic shield protects the Earth from the effects of Radiation and the immense heat constantly bombarding us, conquering that Science would allow one to approach the Sun and even, maybe stay in orbit around it.
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