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    We spotted a 1 quart box of liquid milk at Dollar tree the other day at the 10% off sale that it is processed with Ultra-high temperature processing (UHT), ultra-heat treatment, or ultra-pasteurization.

    It is dated one year out and being in a box type container stores nicely.

    We used one and it seems OK most of the milk in Europe is processed with UHT so I drank it when I was over there and have not died...yet.

    Fresh is better but we stocked up on a few with our longterm food.
    Bulk Gossner Foods Premium Whole Milk, 1 Quart at DollarTree.com


    Gossner Foods | UHT FAQ
    Gossner Foods | UHT Milk
    Ultra-high-temperature processing - Wikipedia
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    @stg58 You are the second person that has said they have seen UHT milk at the Dollar store. I will have to check here because I have been all over and can't find it. The only place I have found it is on Amazon for $3.75 a quart and I am not paying that price, not when can get a gallon of normal milk for $2.75-$3.00. What state are you in and how much did you pay? The guys in Alaska seem to have access to it but I had about given up hope in the lower 48.
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    You can order it by the 12 count case with free delivery to your local store.

    "In-Store Pickup" and "UPS Delivery" Displayed: this item can be shipped for FREE to your local Dollar Tree store, or you can choose to have this item shipped via UPS directly to you (shipping fees apply).

    Only "In-Store Pickup" Displayed: this item can only be shipped for FREE to your local Dollar Tree store. This item is not available for UPS shipping due to shipping restrictions.
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    We take them to reenactments.
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    @stg58 Well I'll be... there it is. And, it is $1.00 a quart for 2% and Free in-store delivery. I will order a couple of cases now. I have looked everywhere even the Dollar store here but didn't look on their online store.

    Thank you so much! This is much better favor than dried milk and I have drank it for so any years that I do not even notice the difference in taste from the fresh milk we get at stores. Thanks again!
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    The brand we get in blue...(goes rummaging for more info)
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    IT IS NOT worth more that a doller per L/Qt ..
    Taste 's like crap against real homo un-frigged with milk ..
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    anything can eat a hole in it.............protect it from rats,mice,roaches,cats
    it will settle out like any milk product
    invert it each month and shake it up
    mix real good when you open it
    get it cold if you can
    perty much goes bad by 6 months after best use by date
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    I would not go that far but it doesn't taste as good. But, honestly, when it is all you got to drink you become use to it and you actually begin to like the taste. I do. What is great is its shelf life with no refrigeration necessary. You'll get at least 6 months shelf life. I am not saying that you won't need/want dehydrated milk also but this allows you to use and rotate while keeping a good 6 months current supply on the shelf. My wife grew up on it so it's a taste of home for her and I started drinking it years ago in Europe due to my single life style and that was all there was when I ended up in Afghanistan and Central Asia...unless the neighbor down the road had a cow. In this country, fresh pasteurized milk is cheap. I just paid $2.78 for a gallon that will remain good if kept in the fridge for about a month. But, if the trucks stop rolling then the milk stops getting to the store - well - I have a 6 months supply of UHT milk plus dehydrated milk as back up. A dollar a quart isn't so bad for America...consider the price of everything else here.
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    Some good points .I will re-adapt & purchases .
    I had milk in France , HOT & FROTHY !!
    I did drink it when it cooled , Manners were needed first.

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