UK. SPY CHIEF " we risk becoming a Police state"

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    Dame Stella Rimmington the former head of MI5, has warned that the fear of terrorism is being exploited by the government to erode civil liberties and risks creating a police state!, in a recent interview given to a Spanish paper.

    In 2005, she said the Government’s plans for ID cards were “absolutely useless” and would not make the public any safer. Last year she criticised attempts to extend the period of detention without charge for terrorism suspects to 42 days as excessive, shortly before the plan was rejected by Parliament.

    Dame Stella became the first woman director general of MI5 in 1992 and was head of the security agency until 1996. Since stepping down she has been a fierce critic of some of the Government’s counter-terrorism and security measures.
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    Spanish paper? Where is the London Times when you need it?
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    It was far to revealing [ie she is saying what we already know] to be covered in a UK paper, although some did cover the aftermath.
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    I'd say they were already there. Good info on how they're NOT dealing with the muslim problem at We're not far behind either.

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