Urea Use in Diesels

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    Urea Use in 2009 Light Duty and 2010 Medium and Heavy Duty Diesels

    Hold on, here comes the next big change in diesel engines. Starting with the automotive market in 2009 and then with virtually all of the medium and heavy duty diesel vehicles in the 2010 model year, diesel engined vehicles will require an additional fluid to operate.

    These vehicles will require an “aqueous urea solution” as defined by ISO 22241-1 using test methods described in ISO 22241-2:2006. This is a solution of 32.5% Urea in deionized water.

    This Urea solution is used as part of a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to reduce the NOx emissions of diesel fueled engines.

    These systems require that a tank of the Urea solution be installed on the vehicle. The Urea is meter injected into the exhaust stream after the turbocharger where the exhaust heat will convert it to ammonia which is then used by a special type of catalytic converter to significantly reduce the formation of NOx. This system will function as long as there is Urea available.

    This is a complicated system with maintenance requirements, cold weather operability issues (Urea freezes), and quality concerns.

    There is a wide ranging debate on what type of driver information systems are to be required, what will happen if the system runs out of the Urea solution, and where Urea will be available.

    What happens if it runs out of it???
    If it's a Chevy, the truck will let you know many times before you run out. If you fail to do as the truck ask's you to do and you run out the truck will have a top speed of 55mph, if you still do not refill, the truck will have a top speed of 4mph at the next key start. real pain in the arse on the highway hours away from a town.....
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    I say piss on 'em.
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    :lol: @ FPG.
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    Ah HA!! Another use for dead dinosaur derived products.
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    ok the first time I heard the phrase, Diesel Exhaust Fluid. I thought someone was trying to pull my leg. you know like, hey kid, run down to the parts store and get me a radiator cap for this corvair.

    nope real stuff. basically they want to scrub the Nitrogen Oxides from the emissions or recombine them to just nitrogen but catalyzing Ammonia in the exhaust. This is all to meet the EPA's new large medium diesel engine requirements.

    Exhaust Gas Recirculation vs Selective Catalytic Reduction

    Urea, is it fertilizer or Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Well both. along the same lines as corn, it's food and ethanol. Something tells me the cost of using Urea is going to drive up the cost of food crops too.

    Oh and if they are using a copper zeolite catalyst (most efficient for this SCR) we can get a side of dioxin with our veggies. EPA to test Cummins 2010 engine - eTrucker

    more costs in the supply chain. Oh well, i'm just going to invest in a couple of the Urea manufactures, win-win for me either way.
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    Buy your older diesel trucks now...
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    Somebody MUST ask the obvious........

    Why the heck not just have an AMMONIA tank? Computer sensor could detect the percentage and meter it accordingly.

    Sounds like more Goobermint BS to make us more dependant on "The System". We probably won't be able to 'stockpile" the urea compound, might even be a 'controlled substance' available only to authorized repair centers. Ol' Cooter in his country garage may not be able to get it....... :rolleyes:
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    Thats why i drive my 1998 Cummins.Thank goodness we dont have diesel emissions testing in Georgia.
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