US post offices as "The Peoples Bank"...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ponce, Jul 8, 2009.

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    OK, here I go with my crazy idea.......... I have been reading about using the post offices in Australia as "Peoples Bank" but the only trouble is that like in the US only the government can print

    In the US the post office already have the paper currency notes that can be traded among us and is called "The US Stamps"..........think about it.........they can print stamps for $1,5,10,20,50, 100 and even $1,000.......I don't believe that the US government can tell the post office that they cannot do it.

    The post offices would return to the government the fiat used by you to buy the stamps and they would get stuck with the fiat because "we the people" would be trading with stamps........that would screw up the banks and help the post office and the economy.

    Stamps are 1/6 the size of a fiat paper so that you could even put more of them in your wallet.
    You could even stick six $100.00 stamps to a piece of paper the size of a dollar bill and you would have a $600.00 dollar bill hahahahahahhaahha......anyway, where there is a will there is a way and this would be my way of taking away the monopoly that the banks have over the US currency.

    PS: Just don't stick a $1,000 stamp to an evelope, by mistake, instead of a .42 cents stamp.
  2. B540glenn

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    By the time this goes into effect, inflation will have hit and it will cost $1000 to mail a letter. ;)
  3. Ponce

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    Hahahahahahahha ain't that the truth............
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    Cant work any time a stamp is sold to someone in the same state by any one other then the U.S.P.S. sales tax has to be charged. So in IN. if I traded you a cow for $600.00 worth if stamps you would have to pay the state $42.00 in sales tax and you would have to collect the tax from me.
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