Using waterways as Transportation highways, during SHTF..

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    I am getting so much out of the different points being put on using the tracks. I don't know if this would be the place to ask or mention another way to bug out and I am sure many have thought of it but I need to know what you all think about it and what would I run into. I am thinking about using the water ways to get up to the mountains were I will already have a place built and stocked time allowing. My thoughts are travel at night not to stand out? Sail to reduce noise but have motor if needed. Also have shooters on all around with shields for protection. I know it is not perfect so please give me advice to protect my family. We are open to adding to our group because numbers makes a differences. And more skills are always a plus. If in the wrong place move me so I can get the help I need. Thank you all for the information I am already picking up.
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    Waterways have perks (mobile) and problems (no easy dodge, no getting off). I'd say it depends a lot on the route of travel. Shields are interested in some swivel guns?
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    The questions that come to mind are:
    1. Do the prevailing winds, make it possible to sail UpStream, against the current, on the River of choice, without having to tack close to shore?
    2. Being out on the water, you are at the mercy of every local, hiding just inside the Treeline, with a Flashhider, and Surpressor, on his weapon, and you will not be able to ascertain his location easily. You will have No Cover, to hide behind, AND you will be on a Slow Moving Platform that will rock after each shot, while the OpForce will be on land with a very stable shooting platform, which makes him considerably more Accurate with his fire.
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    Make a test run or two? Black sails are your friend at night.

    Running at night takes a certain mindset and training, Like ghrit said a Good thread!
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    Using rivers to get up to the mountains? At night?

    Last time I was on a river near mountains, it was white water rafting....interesting during the day, going with the flow. Upstream at night would be suicidal.


    And this was just the Laurel Highlands, not really that mountainous in the grand scheme of things.

    And welcome to the site!
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    Depending on the type of boat, the distances involved, hazards to navigation ( especially at night) and threats from others on the waters and on shore, safe zones for you to stop for rest and resupply, I say it can be doable!
    Here is where my thinking takes a twist sideways, if you have a boat good enough to do all these things, why in hell head for the mountains?????? I would head out to sea and sail up and down the coast gathering what ever food and supplies I needed, with a major advantage in being able to fish at will, hunt ashore when needed, trade or barter with goods gathered from different places, ect............ I have often thought/dreamed of having such a boat and that would be kind of my plan, but alas, I live way inland and a boat is practically useless to me now! Some day that may change, but I don't think I could ever convince my Lovely Bride to leave these beloved mountains, especially for a life at sea!
    What you need is to build a replica of the Revenue Cutter Service Inland Water Cutter's from the last days of sail!

  7. AxesAreBetter

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    I've done it to a lesser extent in a canoe. I cannot fathom a sailboat going up a mountain, though.
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  8. 3M-TA3

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    This. Try it during the day then if you still want to go this route again at night just like its for real.

    Your AO makes a lot of difference. In mine we have rivers everywhere and no shortage of water, but our rivers are mostly waterfalls separated by white water rapids once you get out of the valley bottoms. I'd consider a stealthy sailboat with power to go down river to sea then to a bugout in Alaska or BC..
  9. Destiney'soma

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    Thanks all you have mentioned many things I have to work through and have been for some time. There are other options I am working on this was just one because everything I do will depend on what happens. If the military base is hit that would cut one route off anyway. Then I need to know what is off shore before I could go out that way as mentioned. Even with the radar on the boat it will not compare to whatever military or coast guard will have. There is no way I will be trapped in a FEMA camp. If we can get up the river the sail is added only for silent running time and we only have to get up halfway through to the middle of the state were we meet team one who lives on the river. This is just the beginning of the journey were we meet family who will be ready with horses and 4 wheeler with trailer to carry anything else we maybe bringing. They are going to have the trails the rest of the way up. We have 350 Johnson motors on the boat if need for speed. The boat will be pulled up and hidden in a prepared place in case needed at later date. We are working on different possibilities of what "if's" just to keep sharp. We are looking at different land right now off the beaten path, with a running stream close to a lake and mountain top to overlook all around the homestead. I have been growing a garden for sometime and the family in team one has as well. We have run this route at different times, timed ourselves even to the pilling boat up. It is not easy but do able. They have prepared their land with water, food, and anything else that they would need if that is as far as we can get at that time. Once we start work on the property a few of the workers will remain there and we will bring supplies every weekend. I know this will not work over night but this site has given me so much information I know it will make a difference in getting me and my family ready. I am sorry this is so long I just wanted to let some know I really have been working on this not just a thought. We started canning, buying supplies every month like pipe, solar panels, and other things even water tanks. We did get water filter jug that we can clean water from a mud hole if needed. But I am sure there are many things I have to learn. Thank you all for the advice you give because it all helps.
  10. Kingfish

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    I agree with BTPOST
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  11. 3M-TA3

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    Using RADAR covertly is like turning on flood lights and trying to sneak in the dark. I honestly think you need to find a different solution for SHTF transport unless you are dealing with large bodies of water.
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  12. BTPost

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    Yep, Radar certainly would be a DEAD Give-away, especially on a River.... and xBand Detectors are DIRT Cheap....
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  13. ghrit

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    Might as well leave the radar home and load on some batteries, then use all the lighting you need to see where you are going. Won't be any more visible than the smear on the watcher's screens. Really bad idea.
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    Motors? Plural? You won't be sailing upstream, against a current, with your supplies on a boat that has two 350HP motors on the back. If you want to travel on the river just use the motors and be done with it. Besides, do you want your emergency evacuation plans to be completely dependent on whether the right wind (right in terms of speed and direction) just happens to be available?

    By just going ahead and using the motors, depending on the population density, and for how long the river is navigable, you will probably leave behind any observers quite soon. If the population density is such that you have to be stealthy for the entire trip all the way upstream to your destination, then how are you going to hide your landing activities, your boat stashing activities, your horse trailer loading activities, etc. etc. from all of the people you are trying to stealthily avoid?

    Waterway bugging out is almost certainly doable in some areas but I would submit that you would use such a method simply to reach a pre-supplied destination.
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  15. AxesAreBetter

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    Don;t forget about keelboats and polling. Don;t know anything about the river or he boat...
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  16. Ura-Ki

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    I still have my Fishing boat from when I lived in the PNW, and I ran the Mighty Columbia almost daily, My boat is practically silent with it's exhaust system and with the bow rake splash deflectors, I don't make much of a visible wake if I keep the speeds below 16 knots. I have enough fuel on board to run from the mouth to the third dam, and with aux fuel on the transom, I can extend the range to the fifth dam, or the Snake River!!!l. I WOULD NEVER leave this boat unattended for any length of time, I would have pre arranged to pull it out for ether portage, or to trailer it any distance I needed to put it back in the water, or to put it some place secure. I see a boat like this as an essential tool that really boosts my capabilities during a SHTF situation, and Post, I have one more very serious tool to get me where ever I wanna go. From the Florida Keys, This boat can take me to the Bahamas and back, or from Texas to Florida! Pretty impressive boat AND, why I kept her!
  17. Tempstar

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    I'd skip sails and plan on going very fast. Less time on the water and less time for someone to aim at ya.
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    Here is the main problem that I didn't see anyone posting (I skimmed these and if someone mentioned this I missed it), unless you live on the water or by the water, how exactly are you going to drive to the water with the streets/roads all at a logjam of everyone trying to get out. If your boat is attached to your car, do you think the good people trying to get out won't destroy it. If you somehow have the boat at a harbor, then the good people will steal it before you even get there, assuming you get there!
  19. BTPost

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    @ED GEiN. Your premis above seems to be that by the time the SHTF is recognized by the Masses, it will be impossible to get your watercraft to the water, or if already in the water, wrecked, or stolen, by others... The simple facts WILL BE, that if you wait, to for that time, to start, you are already to late... Any Good Prep'er will be long gone, before the Masses, figure out what is going on....
  20. ED GEiN

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    That's a big supposition Good luck
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