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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Jeff Brackett, Jun 16, 2012.

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    I've pretty much gotten my wife convinced that prepping is a good idea. I've approached it from the perspective of insurance. We've got home, automotive, flood insurance. I've also trained in martial arts for a good portion of my life, and have pointed out to her in the past that this was also a type of insurance.

    For the last few months, I've worked on and assembled a few BOBs, and even gotten her to help out in assembling the FAKs for them (her mom was a nurse, and she's worked for doctors in various capacities for many years, so this is something she was comfortable with). The one area she was reluctant to get into was firearm training. I was patient, and took my time guiding conversations to let her come to the conclusion on her own that all the prep work in the world does a person no good in a shtf situation, if you can't protect yourself and/or your loved ones.

    I found some good deals on some 9mm handguns (Glock 17 and Sig SP2022) and she was all right with getting them. Found a local range that does basic handgun training, and as of last night Mama is no longer a firearm virgin. While she isn't comfortable with them, she has developed a preference for the Sig, and I eagerly turned it over to her as "her" pistol. I want her to be as comfortable as I can possibly make her in this endeavor.

    After our first session, she admitted to me that she is still a little afraid of them, but also knows that's mostly her own lack of familiarity. At her suggestion (AT HER SUGGESTION!) we will start a regular routine of shooting once a week, to help her overcome that fear. We're also planning to both start CHL classes in the near future.

    Once she's comfortable there, I wonder how she'll take to a little .410 shotgun?[beer]
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    Mine is still terrified of handguns but has taken well to carbines and shotguns.. Just feels more in control with a stock she says.
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    [beer][applaud][applaud][boozingbuddies] She is [welcomeLG] to the prepper comunity. GREAT JOB!
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    I grew up with firearms of one sort or another and have never viewed them fearfully, only respectfully. It's the familiarity that brings a comfort level. Given time and practice, she will probably come to enjoy them and look forward to shooting time
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    That's my hope, RH.
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    We buy insurance also and noticed firearms are the only insurance we can have fun with. :D
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    I bought all my boats as insurance for the next Biblical flood. Why should Noah have all the fun.
    That my story and I am sticking to it.
    17ft Boston Whaler with 60hp Yanaha
    16ft Canoe
    25ft Sailboat
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    Mine's a Full Auto Hoe...

    Mai i don't care
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    So a question comes to mind. If a child hates housework or chores yet you make it a bit of fun, because being a demon who demands immaculate results is no good, it becomes easier to their mind and the acceptance level goes up. Could the same be said for firearms? A person who is not familiar with them may overcome their fear with practice, and what better practice than making some fun out of plinking or such. Just a thought. I know it is a serious business, however if you unfocus the mind, sometimes the mind can be focused if you catch my meaning.
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  10. RightHand

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    Everything isn't fun, some of it is just plain hard work so get on with it and get it done. The earlier that lesson is learned the better one's life will be
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    [touchdown]The Range and ammo expense now just became acceptable and a part of the family budget. You are a lucky man!!!!
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  12. Jeff Brackett

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    Don't I know it! LOL
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