Vortex 5-25-56 Strike Eagle Scope

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by RouteClearance, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. RouteClearance

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    I ordered this from SportOptics.com - America's High End Optics Authority last Friday. UPS guy delivered it today. I have been looking for a good scope at a good price for some time now. The Vortex Strike Eagle on unboxing hopefully delivers this value. Let’s unbox this and see what It comes with.

    The MSRP for this scope is $699.00, I chatted with a rep from Sport Optic, I asked him if he did a veteran discount. He replied that he could on certain items. I asked about a discount for the Vortex Strike Eagle, he said he could on this. The discount he gave me was $220 dollars. With sales tax, the total was $513.

    This scope came with an sun shade, throw lever, Allen wrench, zero stop, and even a battery for the illuminated reticle. This scope has a side parallax adjustment knob and MOA adjustable turrets with 110 MOA on both the windage and elevation. If using the Zero Stop, available elevation is reduced to 50 MOA(I have a Burris Xtreme Mount with 25 MOA and Burris XTR rings that can add an addition 40MOA)

    The tube body is 34 mm, which is why there are plenty of MOA’s available for precision long range shooting, This will be mounted to a Savage 10 FCP 308 rifle

    I will do extensive range reports on both the rifle and Vortex Strike Eagle in the next two weeks. The lens quality is not as good as my Leupold Vari-X III, but the Leupold had a $1200 price tag when sold.
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    Think you're gonna dig that optic. They make good stuff for a reasonable price(so far). I've been very happy with all the Vortex stuff I've used so far. Looking forward to your updates.
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    @RouteClearance I like Vortex a lot! I first got into them when I first got back and picked up a pair of Leopold binoculars and 2 days later for the same price and optic strength saw the Vortex. The difference with glass clarity was shocking! I immediately purchased the pair. Yeah, they are my favorite, got their Spitfire scope also.

    Question: How do they ask you to prove your Vet status? Do you have to send in your DD214 or what?
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    I just took a picture of my VA card and emailed it to the CSR, you will have to call to place an order for the vet/Leo/first responder discount. The reps name is Jaycee.
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    You are going to like the Vortex scope. I have 2 and have no regrets and the clarity and magnification are both great.
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    @RouteClearance, so after a year, how do you like that scope? I'm running an LVPO on my carbine but my cousin gets ridiculous discounts from Vortex. He's not a fan though. But after running Trijicon for ten plus years, I get it. I know I really like the binos Vortex makes.
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    I have one Vortex scope, it's definitely not bad and very much worth the money from what I have experienced. I will be interested to see how well you did with yours @RouteClearance
    As an aside, and not to take away from this thread, I'd like to mention a "budget" option for those interested as well. If you're not into the frills and thrills of higher end optics but still demand quality and durability, I recommend Riflescopes | SWFA Outdoors - SWFA Outdoors SWFA -Once per year around Christmas you can get them on sale for about $100 off, so a 10x Mrad scope will only run about $200 and that's a steal. You can even mount it on a .50 cal -But bear in mind these scopes aren't as utilitarian as a higher end optic with all the bells and whistles.
    Some of those Vortex scopes are great for the price, but I have read plenty of complaints. I'm just thankful I haven't had any issues worth noting.
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  8. RouteClearance

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    Sorry for the delay on this scope, but I have had only one range that has had any length to really test this and that was out to 750 yards with just one trip.

    Simply put, this scope worked. All elevation adjustments out to 750 yards was dead on to the Hornady and Sierra ballistic data. Now the only thing that I would like to have in this scope is more positive clicks, they were very mushy, but again, they worked and were dead on. The lens clarity was not like my Leupold that I paid well north of $1,000 for, but all steel plates and targets were well defined out to 750 yards.

    Now, there are those that really harp on buying top dollar stuff, but I am not in that group. I believe that you should buy what you can afford. Like, I really like the ACOG’s, but when they are issued to you instead of paying for them yourselves really makes you look at things a lot differently. This nation is fast approaching some very spicy times, and those battles will not be fought with issue Colt or FN M4’s or $2,500 Daniel Defense AR’s with $1,500 ACOGS on top with an additional $5,000 FLIR clip on scope. They will be fought with anything that can shoot straight.
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    and not just “Shoot straight” but anything that will “Shoot” PERIOD….
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