Voter Fraud

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    This is an opinion piece. Mine. No links. Do your own research, or not. Your choice.
    In a local election for Mayor of Gainesville Florida, a challenge has been mounted by the losing candidate. Only 42 votes made the difference between a win and a loss.
    It has been alleged, and is easily researched and proven, that a significant number of registered voters had recently changed their residence, and thus polling location from in the county, but outside of the city limits, to a location inside the city limits. Some of those had actually moved, but others were known to be perpetrating a simple scam just to cast a vote in the city. THIS IS WRONG !!!
    I have voted in every election... city, state and federal since 1972 that I was elligible to vote in. I take it seriously. I occasionally abstain from casting a vote willy nilly if I am less than up to speed on the candidates or the issue. That seldom happens.
    In past Presidential elections, it has been uncovered by investigative reporters that 10's of thousands of votes may have been cast in just a few Florida Counties, and also in New York. The thing is, many "Snowbirds" have dual residences. One in the North, and one in the South, and are registered to vote in both locations. To put a stop to this, it should be against the law to be registered to vote in two locations at the same time, and some sort of feedback should pass between voter registration offices when someone attempts to register to vote. Similiar actions take place on a regular occurance with regard to drivers licenses. Why should this be any different?
    What can quite easily happen, and probably has is this. Snowbird A decides to go to his Florida home in Late September or October because global warming has upset the apple cart, and snow comes early to New York. (don't get me started on the global warming lie). Snowbird A requests a absentee ballot from NY because he has local and state interests there. Snowbird A also has interests in local and state issues where he resides in Florida, and he or she registers to vote there as well. (This is the point where the whole problem should be nipped in the bud) Since in most cases local and federal issues are combined on the November ballot every 2 and 4 years, Snowbird A votes twice on all Federal issues, once by absentee and once locally where ever he happens to be. (I have written to State and Federal Attorney Generals, and never even received a reply about the issue.)

    IMHO, Federal election ballots should contain no local and state issues. A separate ballot should be used for local and state issues. Additionally all Absentee ballots when cast and received should automatically be reported back to the voting precinct of the address where the absentee ballot was sent. People who records show have voted twice should be severely punished quickly and quite publicly, if found guilty. Fines, suspension of voting rights and jail time are not out of the question!
    How do you feel about the issue?[stirpot]
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    Voting is a waste of your time. Don't waste time.
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    All you are doing by that response is whining. Do you not agree that voter fraud is wrong? Why should I even listen to your views on government if you do not participate in government? What do you do that is any way constructive to correct deficiences with the government? Further more it is obvious you are trying poorly just to be argumentative.
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    I believe ALL fraud is wrong.

    By your logic, my views on the Klu Klux Klan are invalid because I'm not a participating member of that organization.

    I merely said voting is a waste of your time. Perhaps it's not. Please tell me the mathematical probability of my individual vote affecting a national election.
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    There were an estimated 14,000 double votes in the example about snowbirds in the 2004 election. 9,000 aprox. were registered democrats. Still GW Bush only took Florida by 537 votes. Thats about the extent of the math as far as I care to expound on. Except to say, in the nation that year about 110,000,000 voted if I remember correctly. This is all off the top of my head and may be a bit off. 537 votes out of 110,000,000 being the deciding factor would indicate to me that every vote was pretty important because it was such a squeeker.
    I am glad that you believe fraud is wrong. To ignore wrong is gives it validity as being acceptable behavior. I prefer to participate in our system of government. To vote, and to call out wrongs as I see them.
    Our system of government is far from perfect, but give me just 3 examples of better Countries. Correcting the deficiencies in our government is the duty of vigilant well informed citizen voters. To do anything less is to accept the wrongs of the system as being acceptable.
    Your KKK example is an apples and oranges argument, and you should know that.
    Answer the question about; what do you do that is any way constructive towards correction of the things wrong with our government.
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    I placed this cat on ignore a long time ago, Tommy. ;) From time to time I chime in and remind Tac of how ignorant he truly is...

    But -I can't troll all the time. I don't want to come to the Monkey and fight with members. AT the same time, I am sick and tired of the garbage I see lately. SICK OF IT. Tac, could you PLEASE stop making so many topics about your obsession with "Obama", A.K.A. Barry? It's kind of annoying -even if you are ignored, you fill up the forum with your topics about ridiculous hatred and contempt that is ill placed. Why don't you try something constructive like becoming involved in your local government and LEAVE IT AT THAT. [winkthumb] Seriously, you are really grating on my nerves and you have nothing to back up your ridiculous claims. We have explained to you as nicely as we can that you NEED TO READJUST your focus to the real problem at hand.

    I don't care what you have to say in retaliation to this post, because I will most likely not see it. THAT is how ridiculous you have become to me. I know - you will just continue to type in your annoying, over-sized BOLD FONT and act as though ALL the problems in this country are because of the Liberals and Obama. If only you could get a candidate you like into office -all will be well again. KEEP DREAMING.

    Give Me Liberty! Home of We The People projects and information! Go there and complain to them about Obama and submit your ideas. DO SOMETHING besides post redundant garbage. I am sick of it. [stirpot] Sorry if I hurt your feelings. You're an ADULT, I expect you to act like one and at least stop being so annoying.

    I have said my peace. That's all I wanted to say.


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