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    Everyone should view this film and remember those hardened criminal killers at that Waco "compound" who willfully and arrogantly broke the law - - - "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

    β€œThey keep talking about drafting a constitution for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys. It's worked for over 200 years, and Hell, we're not using it anymore.”
    ― Jay Leno
    Remember that Obummer got Leno fired after Leno made fun of him, as the network admitted. Dictators can not handle being laughed at.

    Watch WACO film. I was around when WACO happened. I didn't realize until last week what REALLY went on. Also check out the wikapedia link...scroll down...after you watch the Documentary. If you want to see another great document along the same lines but what has happened to a few CIA agents and FBI that brought injustice in the ranks up the ranks watch SILENCED (NETFL



    WACO Documentary Film-The FACTS -A New Revelation - Vaccine Liberation Army
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    Somewhere out there, hidden better than gold and precious jewels, are a few copies of a documentary called "Whacko at Waco".
    It was advertised for exactly one (1) night at about 3AM, shortly after the Waco murders.

    I watched the video with mine own eyes, surprised that they would play the entire video they were selling.

    Money was tight, and I didn't really have the $16.00 or so to buy it, but I really wanted a copy, so the next day I hit the website they had listed the night before.

    Dead web address. They were gone, gone, gone--shut down by the Feds, big-time.

    How do I know?

    Let me tell you some of what I saw:

    MSM talking head chick explaining that the feds are under heavy machine gun fire and have no weapons to fight back with.
    First angle for Nightly News. Nothing but cars behind the news chick.
    Second Angle, from 45 degrees: Same chick, same dialog. And about six cars down are several feds unloading on the compound with full auto weapons.

    Nightly News clip: cop climbs ladder gets up on roof. Bullets come up thru roof near cop, he goes back down ladder.

    Full clip: Cops climbs ladder, halfway up he draws his pistol and shoots himself in the foot. Almost falls off the ladder. Gets up on roof, throws grenade through window. Steps back. Four former Presidential bodyguards from Arkansas go in through window.

    Shot-in-foot cop instantly sticks full auto weapon in window and sprays entire room, killing all four ex-bodyguards. Bullets come out wall, cop falls down. Bullets come up thru roof, cop swims to ladder and beats feet,

    I really think the bullets thru the wall were either someone in the hallway outside the sprayed room, or that was one of the ex-bodyguards getting one last clip off at the man that murdered him.

    Another clip: Military tank with jet engine mounted on back deck backs through wall of building, pulls forward, goes on afterburner and flames interior. Tank backs in again, and repeats. Pulls away as building goes up like Xmas tree bonfire.

    There was a whole lot more--an hour of it, and all absolutely inarguable.

    It was a complete and total incrimination of the mass murders at Waco.

    Burn in Hell, Janet Reno.
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    I've seen the whole thing. Straight up murder of Americans by our government for no other reason than they could do it and who would stop them.
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