Waterboarding aint' nothing compared to this

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    The libs keep saying that waterboarding and if we use it they will also use it.
    Well I bet Mr. Buckley and Marine Col. Higgins would dispute that argument if they had not been tortured to death by those islamic barbarians that barry claims do not exist.
    If confronted with the fact barry would create more of his BS excuses for his real religion.
    What It Means to Engage Hezbollah - Commentary Magazine
    So it’s worth reviewing how in 1984 Hezbollah kidnapped CIA Lebanon Station Chief William Buckley as he was leaving his house in the morning. They tortured him continuously for 15 months, occasionally sending videos of him naked and screaming to U.S. bureaus and agencies in Europe, until his body gave out. In the meantime, Hezbollah used the information he provided to dismantle U.S. intelligence assets in the Levant:

    On Monday morning, May 7, 1984, the United States embassy in Athens received a video posted in the city… It showed William Buckley undergoing torture… The camera zoomed in and out of Buckley’s nude and damaged body. He held before his genitalia a document marked “MOST SECRET”… Casey later remembered how “… They had done more than ruin his body. His eyes made it clear his mind had been played with. It was horrific, medieval and barbarous”… Buckley showed symptoms of being drugged; his eyes were dull and his lips slack. His gaze was of a person deprived of daylight for some time… Buckley had spent long periods being hooded. Buckley bore chafe marks on his wrists and neck suggesting he had been tethered with a rope or chain. A careful study of every inch of visible skin revealed puncture marks indicating he had been injected at various points.

    The second video arrived 23 days later. This time it was posted to the United States Embassy on Via Veneto in Rome… It revealed Buckley continued to be horrifically treated… Buckley’s voice was slurred and his manner noticeably more egocentric as if not only the world beyond the camera, but his immediate surroundings, held increasingly less interest for him… His hands shook and his legs beat a tattoo on the floor as he mumbled pathetic pleas to be exchanged under a guarantee the United States would remove “all of its influences” from Lebanon and would persuade Israel to do the same…

    On Friday, October 26, 1984, 224 days since Buckley was kidnapped, a third video arrived at the CIA. The tape was even more harrowing. Buckley was close to a gibbering wretch. His words were often incoherent; he slobbered and drooled and, most unnerving of all, he would suddenly scream in terror, his eyes rolling helplessly and his body shaking. From time to time he held up documents, which had been in his burn-bag, to the camera. Then he delivered a pathetic defence of his captor’s right to self-determination in Lebanon… William Buckley’s kidnapping was into its second year by the spring of 1985. The CIA consensus was that he would be blindfolded and chained at the ankles and wrists and kept in a cell little bigger than a coffin.

    In 1988, a few years after Buckley’s torture and murder, Hezbollah kidnapped U.S. Marine Colonel Rich Higgins. Higgins, who at the time was serving as a UN military observer, was tortured and eventually murdered. We know as much because two years later Hezbollah released a videotape of his torture-scarred body hung and dangling from the ceiling. Here’s how U.S. diplomat Fred Hof described the blood debt to be paid by Hezbollah’s current leadership, including Nasrallah, for Higgins:

    A friend of mine – Colonel Rich Higgins – was kidnapped by Hezbollah while he was serving as a UN military observer in Lebanon… he had been tortured and killed months before our efforts to free him finally ended. I am one of a small handful of Americans who knows the exact manner of Rich’s death. If I were to describe it to you now – which I will not – I can guarantee that a significant number of people in this room would become physically ill. When my former business partner Rich Armitage described Hezbollah a few years ago as the “A-Team” of international terrorism and suggested that there was a “blood debt” to be paid, he was referring to a leadership cadre that is steeped in blood and brutality.
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    I guess we all need to read "The Final Crusade" one more time...


    I should add this was the story by IJT on another survival site, and you should probably solicit him/her to post here also.
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    The Animals need to be put down.... in a most expeditious manner!!!!!!!

    Sad to say, that we currently do not have national leadership, that feels the same.......
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    Gentalmen.. I do not care to read this sort of thing.. It brings on some very leathal emotions and it will be some time before I will be able to shake it off..
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    Makes me want to work on my target shooting. Makes me want to get a little something in 50 cal.
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    national leadership is not any better the those enemies that want our destruction.
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    A little something? I'll carry the ammo cans for ya.

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    I am reminded of Sean Connery in the Untouchables movie.

    They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. *That's* the *Chicago* way!

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    Why would any American volunteer to be a UN observer?
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