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    Hello All
    My first post here.
    I am off grid and currently use 2- 24 volt forklift batteries connected to make 48v around 900ah. Currently charging with a generator, but will be getting the solar panels installed soon. i have a pre wired unit for dual MS4448PAE magnum inverters, but due to finances only have one of the inverters but unit is set up for expansion.

    My problem is the well pump. My well is 238 static and total depth of about 260 the well pump is 230v 1hp. IF the batteries are at full charge I can cycle the pump maybe once. But it usually hits the batteries hard and shuts down the system. So, I have been filling the tank when gen is running then switching the breaker off.

    I am looking for a solution. Right now I can not afford 2 more batteries.

    Would a pump control box with capacitors work for this situation. Goulds sells one for around $300.00.

    Another option would be add the other inverter. This will be around $2,000.00 but still less than half the price of 2 more forklift batteries. And as for the batteries, I have heard conflicting information. Do I need to get the same batteries or can I add 48v strings of different types of batteries.

    Thanks for any advice

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    Welcome to the Monkey!!
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    That starting current is what is eating your lunch. You can add more batteries of the same type, voltage and capacity. Odd batteries of different voltages and capacities just degrades the battery array and adds more connections to be maintained.

    If it were me, I would look at a larger water tank and fill it from the gen set when you recharge the battery array. That much load on the battery set isn't a good thing for battery life.
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    1 Hp Well Pump should only be 750 Watts even if you double that to 2 HP it would only be 1.5Kw.... You have something else going on, if a 2HP draw is killing a 4Kw Inverter sitting on a 900AH Battery Bank.... Maybe the Connection Wires, between the Battery Bank and the Inverter, are to small? I use Welding Cable for ALL my Battery Interconnections. That is the only thing that comes to mind, unless your Batteries are Totally Toast......
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    It is the intitial surge of the pump starting when the batteries have been discharging over night that causes the issue. If the batteries are at full charge then there does not seem to be a problem.

    The problem with adding more of the same type of batteries is the cost. I should have never got forklift batteries to begin with.

    The cost and labor of changing the pump is too much, that is why I asked about adding a control panel with start/run capacitors.

    I am trying to find the pump specs, they are packed away somewhere, I have left a message for my well driller to get them and will post as soon as I get it.

    As far as stacking vs series. I had an electrician friend set it up and do not know what the difference is

    Thanks to all for responses. I will get more information and post as I get it

    here is an example of one of the control boxes I was considering

    Control Boxes for 4″ and 6″ Submersible Pumps | Xylem Applied Water Systems - United States

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    .....and if you pump to a raised holding tank, you will have some water pressure for showers and such, 24/7/365, not just when the pump is running.
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    I was thinking closed tank on legs, black paint and insulated would keep it dark and unfrozen (for the most part)
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