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Discussion in 'Politics' started by OldDude49, Feb 22, 2016.

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    I do not know if it is a TRUE Story, but it seems like perfectly good solution, to the problem... The Brits used a similar solution in India, using Cow Grease of Ammuntion, when fighting Hindus...
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    I've heard the Black Jack Pershing story before too. He was called "Black Jack" as he commanded negro soldiers which was considered a disgrace for a White officer.

    The beef fat tallow was not used against the Hindus to threaten them, it's use (the Brits claimed they use vegetable oils to grease the paper cartridges, but then they lied about just about everything else, so it was no wonder the Indians didn't believe them) was the cause of the war. The soldier had to bite off the end of the paper case and dump the powder down the barrel and then follow it up with the wadding and bullet. Since the coins they were paid with were suppose to be stamped with am elephant, that looked like a pig, it was rumored that the paper was greased with beef tallow (sacred to the Hindus) and pig fat (repugnant to the moslims), so the soldiers, neither Hindu or moslim, would not use it.
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